10 Best Silk Comforters 2024

Five-star hotel bedding always makes for a good night's sleep, especially the hotel beds and quilts, which have a comfortable texture that allows you to fall into a deep sleep easily and become relaxed.

How can you enjoy five-star hotel-like comfort at home? You probably have such doubts every time you come back from a hotel, and so do I! Until I found the treasure of quilts, and that is silk comforters, definitely worth trying.

We've tested quilts in many fabrics, and there's nothing like precious silk to keep you cozy, and most quilts can achieve warmth, but a five-star best quilt should be as light as a cloud, with a beautifully crafted shell that wraps the fabrics inside the quilt perfectly.

After trying dozens of combinations of shell and fill quilts and sleeping with them for a week, we chose silk quilts as the best sleeping companion, they are light enough to be breathable and maybe you don't believe it, but it's amazing that it has this winter warmth and summer coolness, and we think they are absolutely fantastic.

After we found the best options, we tested more silk comforters and updated the guide with more choices as needed, and our recommendations below include 100% luxury long mulberry silk, premium-touch shells, high-quality, fine workmanship, great prices, internationally certified silk comforters; milky smoothness; stylish color combinations; Quality that can stay with you for a decade or more. This guide will recommend what we consider to be the best silk quilts and we are confident that they will meet your requirements.

The research

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Why Trust Us

 To find out what makes the best silk quilts, we observed silk quilt processing function factories many times to learn what the top pairings for each fabric are.  And we interviewed silk expert Gary Swift, Gary is a fabric expert, when he was 35 years old, the pressure of work combined with night sweats made him often sleepless at night, he began to look for quilts that can make him comfortable, he finally chose the silk quilt, after that he devoted himself to study silk as a fabric, and became an expert in the field. We also interviewed chao, a silk raw material supplier from China. They have been involved in the writing of this guide, and this is how we ended up with this review!

Best overall silk comforter


Heartcosy produces several of our favorite silk comforters, including a summer silk comforter, an all-season silk comforter, and a winter warmth comforter, and two of the experts we worked with highly recommend this  brand of comforters because Heartcosy's silk comforter fillings are personally tested by two experts, and all of the brand's comforters are made from 100% long mulberry silk. Two experts liked the lightness and breathability of this comforter's long mulberry silk, and the skin-friendly texture of the pima cotton shell. And the reason why this quilt is called the best silk quilt is that you can even use this quilt without a cover, as the color scheme of the product's pima cotton shell is already very nice. The all-season availability also makes this a great value, and a high-end bed and breakfast owner once purchased this quilt for his guests, and every customer who used it said it was a royal treat. Everyone left a message for the owner after their trip about where they could purchase a silk quilt of this quality. This quilt is currently on sale and I think it is now the best price to get it.

Best silk cooling comforter

silk cooling  blanket

You may have had plenty of alternative quilt options before, but I guarantee that once you've tried a silk summer quilt, you'll definitely become a big fan of silk quilts and won't be able to choose any other option. About a couple of years ago, vactoria was staying in a luxury hotel in China was discovered this silk summer cooling quilt. She said she still missed the silky feeling a month after she returned to the U.S. She called the hotel to try to find the manufacturer of the quilt so she could purchase the ultimate in nighttime coolness and smoothness. Although the price of the silk quilt is a little more expensive than other raw materials quilt, but the feeling is also unparalleled, the brand of summer quilt is much cheaper than other brands of summer quilt. And it was elected as the best silk summer quilt not only because of the price, the top of this brand's summer quilt is made of 100% pure natural tencel (and double-sided tencel), the raw material used inside the quilt is 100% top quality mulberry silk, and the weight of the filling is much heavier than other brands. The latest quilting technology gives this summer quilt the irreplaceable advantage of being washable. vactoria likens sleeping in this quilt to the feeling of taking a milk bath in a forest, fresh, natural, breathable, soft, dense and light. Two sizes are available, each of which wraps this ultimate treat around you with ease.

Best silk duvet insert

silk duvet

This brand produces our favorite silk quilts because the makers of this quilt specialize in silk, so you get a top quality silk quilt at a very reasonable price, a quilt that we have all appreciated after applying it, rating it as the best silk quilt you can buy, and our silk expert gary bought two more for his wife and mom after applying it to their quilts. And said this is the best silk quilt he has ever owned. He said, I want
Super cozy silk, two years later, it is still as soft as when I first purchased it, it is really amazing because it is obviously so light and soft, but it keeps me warm in the winter, it is insulated, and in the warmer months it does a great job of helping me regulate the temperature in the comforter, it is very cozy, this comforter comes with a test port, I have opened it up and tested it, and it is filled with the filling, which is my favorite 100% long Mulberry silk, its price is more cost-effective than many brands of down comforter, and the duvet will make me feel that there will be a gap between the comforter and me, but this silk comforter can be very good fit on my body. And the color of its shell is really fresh and natural, not monotonous, and we all really like it.

Best temperature-regulating silk duvet insert

silk comforter

 While Gary and I are both very fond of Heartcosy and the above two silk comforters, chao's gift giving to other countries is that he gives his friends this temperature-regulating silk comforter. The silk in this silk comforter is also made of 100% mulberry silk, which helps keep the sleeper comfortable at any temperature. He says there are countries that use heaters in the winter that are very dry-feeling, so gifting them this silk comforter will make all their winter sleeps very cozy. It has a very light weight but won't leave you cold at night and when the heating is on hot you won't wake up suddenly from sweat when you cover it. A lot of people really like this gift because a lot of my friends have trouble with night sweats as they get older, and after using this comforter they say they are much better, which is a great relief to me, and he says that this comforter is just the perfect gift. Can never go wrong with it.

Best mulberry silk comforter

silk cooling comforter

Insomniacs may find cotton or bamboo fiber bedding especially comforting because they are softer than hemp or polyester, skin-friendly and absorbent. But silk bedding is actually the best for insomniacs. Because silk contains proteins and amino acids that are very similar to our human skin, silk is dense and breathable, which is the secret to a breathable comforter. This comforter is available in a variety of sizes, and the stylish colors allow them to be used with or without a coverlet.

Best dual-temperature silk comforter

silk comforter

Men seem to be more likely to get hot while sleeping, and women seem to be more likely to feel cold at night, so couples may have a hard time finding a comforter that keeps each other cozy, which is a very challenging thing to do now, and that's why reviewers recommend this silk comforter! Reviewers say this comforter is perfect for the habits of two people, and sleep has become much more comfortable. Moreover, the silk comforter has anti-bacterial and anti-mite effects, so it's really perfect if your wife has an allergic skin type, every corner of this silk comforter's cover is filled with 100% mulberry silk, which means that it can well help you regulate the temperature inside the comforter and improve the air circulation inside the comforter, and the casing is made of expensive pima cotton, which is very textured to the touch! .

More silk comforters and silk duvets we like

Gray silk comforter 

silk comforter

If you prefer a quilt in a specific color, consider this gray silk quilt. It is a product recommended by Gary's staff. He prefers the gray color because the back of the gray is easier to care for, it is very soft and it is weighted, in addition, it has a beneficial effect on the skin, the structure of the silk allows it to be very flattering to your body but you don't feel overly cold fire overly hot because of it, it's a temperature that is just right, the right temperature for you to fall asleep.

King size silk comforter

silk comforter

This King size comforter with silk insert enough for three people is a good choice, with a shell made from eucalyptus and tencel, a material thought to be naturally moisture-wicking and breathable. maria cao relies on this comforter in the summer, and says that it's cooler than other comforters in the summer, and that it's large enough that my husband and I don't have to fight for the comforter! she is proud of herself for picking out this comforter, in the summer time, the quilt made of other materials is a bit too heavy. Our company employee chary also tested this comforter and described it as light and soft and cool to the touch, sleeping underneath you'll be wrapped up like you're inside a naturally created air conditioned room. And because of the higher count Tencel, you won't have trouble with the quilt pilling. It is very different compared to polyester fiber.

All silk comforter

silk comforter

If you're often bothered by having to put a duvet cover on your comforter, especially in the summer, because the lightness of the comforter inside can cause the cover to separate from the comforter and make a mess. Then consider this comforter. Because this all silk cooliing comforter can save you from all these troubles because the back of this comforter is special, you don't need to put a cover over it and it can be washed directly because removing the cover and then washing it is a big headache in summer. So this comforter is perfect for the warmer seasons and you can save time and effort. Fans of silk quilts can buy it with confidence.

Most Comfortable silk comforter

silk blanket

The brand can be called the first in terms of comfort, although there may be a little shortcomings such as some small threads, but both the packaging and the business to provide customers with a test port, can prove that the brand is a first-class high quality, we also measured the size of the quilt to prove that the brand's dimensions are very accurate, so if you need to buy this product, there is no need to buy this product for the product's size is not doubtful!

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