Reasons for using silk duvet cover in 2024

When we choose a cover for a comforter, we are faced with a very large variety. Different prices, different materials and different sizes. Most of the time people choose to buy cotton duvet covers or chemical fiber duvet covers. But this time, I'm going to recommend the silk duvet cover and I'll tell you more about why you should use the silk duvet cover.

A woman sleep in the bed.

People who should use silk duvet cover

As we have mentioned before, Silk Comforter Is Good For Allergy and Asthma Sufferers. In fact, silk duvet cover is suitable for everyone. If you have any of the following conditions, be sure to change your cover to a silk duvet cover immediately. Silk lovers usually do not develop these conditions because they are very well protected by silk.

Allergy sufferers

Silk is a protein fiber that has the benefits of moisture absorption, good breathability, stain absorption and antibacterial ability. silk duvet cover will give a dry, smooth and comfortable cool feeling.

People with rhinitis

Silk has no fluff like wool, down and other materials and will not irritate the nasal passages to trigger sneezing.

People with high blood pressure

The silk is light weight and does not cause pressure on the body.

People with skin diseases

Silk can also absorb moisture, absorb sweat, take away heat, avoid bacterial breeding, absorb the sweat of the silk and can release moisture, perspiration, very breathable, can help the skin to maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid film, on certain skin diseases also have auxiliary therapeutic effect, help prevent eczema, itchy skin and other skin diseases, keep the skin moist, smooth. Many hot sleeper choose silk cooling comforter in summer.

Insomnia sufferers

Silk is recognized worldwide as an extremely soft and healthy natural fiber, and the sleep factor contained in silk quilts helps to prevent insomnia with its chemical structure of 18 natural amino acids, which contain a special ingredient that has the effect of stabilizing human nerves.

Benefits of using silk duvet cover

In 1986, a clinical trial was organized specifically for the treatment of skin diseases with real silk. The results of the trial showed that the total effective rate of relief for generalized itchy skin disease in the elderly was 100%, and the cure was 87.5%. The treatment efficiency for itchy calves was 79.5%, of which the cure rate was 45.5%.

It is worth noting that the test also used the same natural fibers of cotton to do a comparison test, found that although cotton fibers can also absorb and release moisture, but there is no treatment for itchy skin, which is mainly the result of the molecules of cotton fibers are glucose leftover base composition of cellulose fibers, unlike silk molecules as the composition of human skin with the same protein composition, with a similar compatible affinity balance.

In addition, the group also on women's vulva scratching, children's papular zoonosis, allergic dermatitis, neurodermatitis and a variety of skin diseases have done a large number of trials, the total efficiency is more than 85%. This shows that the ancient silk as "Queen of Fibers", modern people compared her to "artificial skin", this reputation is real silk is well deserved.

Now more and more people use silk products, in addition to silk bedding, silk quilts, silk underwear, silk eyes mask, etc.

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