washable silk cooling comforter
Silk Cooling Blanket Washable
Silk Cooling Blanket Washable
silk summer quilt
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cooling comforter
silk summer quilt
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Silk Cooling Blanket Washable

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Heartcosy silk cooling blanket is designed to keep you cool and comfortable at hot summer night. It's the best comforter for sweaty sleepers. Tencel shell keeps you cool all night. Mulberry silk is lightweight fiber. Silk filling weight is 400g. It is also washable comforter. Just throw it in the machine and take no excessive steps to clean. Silk blankets are best wedding anniversary gifts. The cool comforter size includes king and queen.

1. For hot sleepers and summer use

2. Silky smooth and comfortable

3. 100% premium silk filling

4. Covered with breathable TENCEL™ lyocell fiber

Cover: 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell / Fill: 100% Premium Silk.

CARE INSTRUCTIONSShowing your blanket some TLC is the best way to ensure you'll reap its full benefits over the long haul. But accidents happen and when it does we recommend following these instructions:

1. Spot Cleaning
We always recommend spot cleaning as it is the safest method.

2. Hand Wash
Hand washing your blanket is your next best alternative to extend the life of your blanket. Please use cold water and a minimal amount of pH-neutral silk detergent.

3. Machine Wash
Machine washing should only be your last resort. Use silk detergent and set your washing cycle to the gentlest setting (usually labeled as ''delicate'') with cold water no more than 30°C/ 86°F.

4. Air Drying
We strongly advise against wringing your blanket. Instead, we recommend air drying it away from direct sunlight.

LEAKING OF SILK STRANDSWe've selected a silk filling and a TENCEL™ shell to ensure the softness and thermoregulation of this product. These materials are extremely smooth by nature, with an incredibly low rate of friction. This means more love and care for your skin, but also a higher chance of silk strands leaking out of the shell. This is normal and should not interfere with usage.

We suggest you:
Use scissors to gently cut off the silk strands without pulling them out any further.
Gently pat the area to restore the fluffiness and even out the distribution of the filling.

Please contact us if you see an abnormal amount of leakage, we have you covered by a 30-day free return and 1-year warranty that will get you sleeping in Heartcosy peace in no time!

90% recovery of solvent

90% recovery of water

100% plant-based material

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Filling Material 100% Mulberry Silk
Filling Weight 400g(queen); 500g(king)
Shell Material 100% TENCEL Polyster

OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certification: No harmful chemicals are guaranteed for fabric and filling material.

Asthma & Allergy Relief: A natural fiber that repels dust mites, hypoallergenic quality helps to eliminate allergies and asthma Vs. Cotton and other synthetic fibers.

Perfect for Sleeping: Temperature-regulating properties effectively help to sleep by wicking moisture from the body and adjusting to body temperature.

Multiple Benefits: Super soft, comfy, and smooth yet breathable.


The power of silk. A Cooling Comfoeter that taps the power of silk to deliver temperature-regulated sleep.


Due to silk’s special porous structure, where 38% of the volume is hollow, silk efficiently distributes heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature.


Silk naturally keeps you dry, absorbing sweat 1.5x better than cotton. This faster and more efficient moisture-wick makes for a cool and comfortable sleeping environment all night long.


Smooth as silk. Silk is a natural fiber that moves with you, it has the lowest rate of friction against human skin as compared to other fibers, at just 7.4%. Its fibers are simultaneously body contouring and quiet.

The most premium cooling blanket to keep you comfortable all summer

Crafted with tree-based TENCEL™ lyocell shell and 100% premium silk filling, this blanket delivers cool and dry summer sleep.



TENCEL™ fiber move heat and humidity away to help you sleep at just the right temperature. Its feel–exceptionally luxurious and smooth on the skin

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Grade 6A mulberry silk is the highest grade of silk, stronger than the general silk toughness, more durable.

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Unlike other sellers who use short strand silk filling for the duvet, we use 100% natural Long Strand Silk Floss which resists breakage, prolonging the life of the silk duvet.


Quality craftsmanship and high thread count fabrics result in a durable blanket that is 100% machine washable.


Cotton and linen material packaging, natural and environmentally friendly storage supplies, can be used to store clothes, dolls, etc.


Our silky sateen weave combined with our diamond stitch pattern creates the most luxurious comforter ever.


Secure silk to prevent silk from rolling around in the quilt.


Close to the body for a relaxing summer without fear of sweat.

Maintain skin and delay aging

Silk contains more
than ten kinds of amino acids, 98% of which is composed of porous protein fibers. It can absorb and store a large
amount of air and water, which is conducive to the circulation of the human
body and enhances the vitality of human skin cells. Among them, serine can
nourish the skin and prevent skin aging. It can be used for a long time. It has
a good effect on skin maintenance and delaying skin aging. It is more
beneficial to patients with dry and wet skin diseases, itchy skin, rheumatism,
arthritis, and frozen shoulder. It has a promoting effect on the metabolism and
blood circulation of the human body. Among them, serine cannourish the skin and prevent skin aging.
Long-term use has a good effect on skin maintenance and delaying skin aging.

Anti-mite, mildew-proof, anti-bacterialhealth care

Silk is rich in sericin, which has the characteristics of
preventing the growth of mites, mold, moth, and deodorizing. It can prevent
harmful organisms from invading the human body during sleep; silk is a porous
protein fiber, and its chemical structure is similar to the human body, so it is
very close to the body, has no static electricity, is more comfortable to use,
and is beneficial to anyone.

Softand comfortable, breathable to help sleep

Silk is light, breathable, wicking, anti-allergic, and does not
irritate the skin. The silk
 on the outside of the silk contains a
substance called “hydrophilic amino acid”, which can absorb the sweat and
moisture discharged by the human body and regulate the temperature and humidity
in the silk blanket. The 18 kinds of amino acids in
silk can make people’s nerves in a more stable state and promote the quality of
sleep. It is especially suitable for patients with arthritis, frozen shoulder,
asthma, rheumatism and colds.

The silk blanket is made of 100% natural pure
silk, focusing on environmental protection, using modern high-tech
and special craftsmanship to make it more in line with the pursuit of natural,
green and fashionable modern consumers’ new life. Every inch has a more gentle
texture, which can completely relax body skin and relieve fatigue. Immerse you
in comfort and gentleness, and fall asleep peacefully in a relaxed state. Silk
blankets are not only suitable for home use, but can also be widely used in
offices, camping, travel, etc., allowing a comfortable and free space to
accompany you all the time.


Using premium silk materials and advanced techniques, our blanket gently hugs your body to reduce anxiety. Especially for hot sleepers, the cooling TENCEL™ outer layer offers you the extra cooling at night.

· Ultimate comfort for any scenario.
· Using the unique heat releasing TENCEL™ cellulosic fibers, we help hot sleepers to fall asleep with ease.
· The premium silk is machine washable and more convenient to take care of.

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Orders typically ship out from our Suzhou warehouse in 1-2 business days. Shipping & delivery may take up to 5-7 business days.

The Heartcosy Silk Blanket is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. If there is any issue regarding the products, please feel free to contact our after-sales support team at info@heartcosy.com for the fastest response.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
greg gleason
Best Comforter ever!!!!

It is so soft and keeps us cool, I highly recommend for hot sleepers!

Beacher Reynolds
Soft as it looks

Tag says 80% silk and 20% cotton core. I don’t know what that means because it feels like 1 layer. Very soft like a gigantic babies blanket.

Allen Chapman
Worth Every Dollar!

Wow...this blanket is luxurious! It's very soft and the pure silk lining all the way around it feels, well, like SILK! This blanket is worth every dollar!

Marjorie Gold
My Present

Very high quality blanket. Soft, yet warm. Lightweight, but full body coverage. This is my "Treat yo self".

Gregary Strong

I sleep really hot! This blanket is perfect she is silky and delicious and i am cool and cozy at the same time I’m so happy to sleep with her. One of my best purchases ever