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You won't fall asleep on important occasions

So, don't spend your time lying in bed thinking about work annoyances either

Voltaire once said. God has given us hope and sleep to make up for all the troubles in the world. Morgan, the founder of Heartcosy, didn't really realize the meaning of this statement in the past. Until he fell asleep during an important meeting. Only after that did he realize that he hadn't had pure sleep for more than a decade. Because there are always many worries and anxiety divided 1/2 of his sleep time.

At the company, Morgan is the leader of the marketing department.

At cocktail parties, he's the center of attention.

But in bed, he is just an ordinary insomniac.

The pressure of life always makes him feel restless.

Of course, chronic insomnia does not lead to good results, and once the body has protested, life is even more disorganized. So, Morgan started a journey to find sleep.

In Northern Ireland, the red plaid cotton linen sheets have a unique flavor, but the effect of sleep aid is minimal.

In France, the red wine of the owner of the vineyard was indeed a useful medicine to numb the nerves.

In Canada, the duvet didn't make him to feel a sense of security.

In China, he found the answer.

The mulberry silk comforter.

In the hotel in Suzhou, he felt the silk quilt for the first time. The soft touch of the silk comforter was like a warm hug. That night, he had wonderful dreams. Morgan brought the silk comforter home and decided to make it his life's work to improve the quality of human sleep, and Heartcosy was thus founded, determined to introduce the silk comforter to the world.

Sleep well, work well, life well, hope more.

Heartcosy hates dishonesty.

The product should be the soul of a brand. In the traditional silk comforter market, the price is inflated and the material is uneven. Many businesses use tussah silk as mulberry silk, or chemical fiber as silk, the shopping experience and after-sales service is not satisfactory.

1. Heartcosy decided to change this status quo and take responsibility for the quality of silk comforter and for your sleep. 

2. The silk comforter has to go through triple testing before it becomes a fine product.

3. Every part of the fabric of the comforter, 100% mulberry silk is used.

4. The weight of the silk comforter does not include the weight of the comforter cover.

5. The cover material uses Lyocell and cotton.

Why start outdoor bussiness?

In the summer of 2022, Morgan identified a potential need for people in their backyards. People often relax in the gazebo. But since the sun is always strong in California summers, people have to look for good curtains to block the sun.
Morgan spotted this opportunity. He decided, at this moment, to upgrade Heartcosy to a home brand with silk covers for indoor use in tandem with outdoor products.
Making outdoor curtains is not easy and requires a very large number of factors to be taken into account.
For blackout, Morgan visited dozens of tailors and learned about a three-layer weave technique. For the middle layer of fabric we used a special fabric with a blackout layer. The shading of the curtains is increased to 90%.
When we are outdoors, we do not want to close the curtains all the time. So what should we do in rainy days?
Therefore, the curtain fabric we specifically use is waterproof polyester and does not affect the softness of the curtain.
If you touch our outdoor curtains, you will be amazed by it.
Heartcosy's brand philosophy is to give our customers the best experience with our products. Therefore, we study the materials used in our products from the actual experience. We are determined to provide the best for our customers.

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