10 best cooling blankets for hot sleepers for 2024

Summer is really coming, although the temperature is not very stable, but if you live in a relatively hot and humid area, I think of you may have already felt it vaguely on some night when the temperature is back up.

For those who like to sleep with night sweats, the worst days are coming. The summer heat can make your sleep quality drop a lot, and it can be hard to fall asleep again after being awakened by the heat while sleeping, or even to take a shower to relieve yourself. If you had all the above-mentioned troubles in the summer, you can have a relatively comfortable sleep this year, as the cooling blankets will be your new sleeping partner for the summer of 2024.

We worked with sleep expert Mr. Gibson to do a month-long sleep experiment test to select the best cooling blankets for you to get in 2024, and provide a detailed experience report to record the size, color, fabric texture, and the corresponding price range of each cooling blanket, dedicated to helping every user find their best sleep partner!

In addition, we have included detailed instructions on the care and characteristics of the cooling blanket. If you still maintain a strong interest in  cooling blankets after reading this, please continue to keep your curiosity and read on!

cooling blanket

What is the best cooling blanket?

Before recommending a premium summer blanket to you, it is necessary to introduce what constitutes a good summer blanket to help you see our review of the product more impartially.

When selecting a quality cooling blanket, it is important to look at the fabric of the comforter. A good cooling blanket is usually made with Tencel as the cover because it gives a naturally cool feeling when your skin is in contact with it.

The best summer blankets cost a little more, around $200 or less because good summer blankets have better fillings. The top-of-the-line summer blankets will use silk as the filling for the comforter, which is super soft, breathable, and pro-go, and is the highest quality you can find.

If you don't want to spend too much money on the highest-grade summer cooling blanket, you can choose to buy bamboo fiber or a thinner cotton comforter. Remember, it all comes down to your budget. 

After the budget and style are determined, you should choose the right size, most of the cooling blankets have queen, and king two sizes, choose your favorite size is good, because the blanket does not need to cover the cover.

    Here's a summary of the best-tested cooling blankets based on the hot sleeper's personal experience and customer reviews.

    Our Top Picks

    Best cooling blankets overall: cooling blanket washable $189 at Heartcosy

    Why you need it: This quilt is great value for money, and the excellent Tencel cover with silk filling makes it invincible!
    This Heartcosy silk cooling blanket is simply customized for hot summer days. The Tencel shell and 400g silk filling are the best part of it. The natural structure of the Tencel fiber has a natural cooling sensation and allows your sweat to evaporate quickly. The top mulberry silk brings unprecedented softness and comfort to the user, and the characteristics of silk can help the user to regulate the temperature of the body very well, the softness of silk makes you almost not feel the existence of the quilt, the moment you get your hands on it to know what is really enjoyable. The founders of this brand have created a high-end summer comforter specifically for hot sleepers, and to make it more widely available, it is priced at $189 with such luxurious materials and exquisite packaging, which is a great value compared to Brooklinen and other brands that are priced at nearly $300.
    It comes in beautiful colors, and the high-end colors of gray and blue can help you create a unique bedroom space.

    The most surprising thing is that it is also a washable comforter. Just throw it into the machine without taking too many cleaning steps. A silk blanket is the best wedding anniversary gift. Cool quilt sizes include king and queen.
    Real Customer Reviews:I don’t often leave glowing reviews. This comforter hit the mark for everything it claims to be. Super soft, thin, lightweight, but still warm enough to snuggle into on hot summer nights. This comforter is the bomb! Finally no sweating at night.


    Best blanket to keep cool: pure chill cooling blanket at $209

    pure chill cooling blanket

    Why you need it: This pure chill cooling blanket will last you more than a decade.
    This chill lightweight summer comforter is also a great choice. The fixed rows of seams sewn inside the comforter will keep the filling from easily changing position when the comforter is washed, and the delicate appearance of the light filling will keep you cool all night long.
    Real Customer Reviews:This cooling blanket is pretty great. I’m a very hot sleeper and have been using this for a few weeks now. It’s super lightweight but seems to keep my body temp just right. Whether it’s a warmer a cooler summer night, this thing is just great.

    Best cooling blanket for summer: summer cooling blanket

    summer cooling blanket

    Why you need it: For those who want to use it on the sofa as well
    With a very high number of five-star reviews, it's easy to test why people love this cool blanket so much. The fabric is not only soft and cool to the touch, but it is also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, and most importantly, it is made of eco-friendly fabric and free of chemical contamination, with two sizes available for you to choose from!
    Real Customer Reviews:It's light and soft. As a hot sleeper I really love it.

    Best cooling blanket for night sweats: air chill cooling blanket

    air chill cooling blanket

    Why you need it: Perfect for night sweats
    The biggest trouble of hot sleepers is that they will sweat at night when they sleep, and they will easily catch a cold if they don't cover the quilt, and they will make their bodies sticky if they cover the quilt, this quilt can solve your problems, it is lighter and more delicate, and the special material gives it the ability to absorb moisture.
    Real Customer Reviews: Love it Awesome light weight blanket

    Best cooling blanket on reddit:cool blankets for beds

    cool blankets for beds

    Why you need it: For people who value user ratings
    When you buy products online, you are often confused because you can't touch the real thing, so you search online. This summer cooler is one of the better-rated ones on Reddit, and many users have given it good reviews on Reddit, which shows its popularity, and they have hailed it as the best summer cooler blanket to try!
    Real Customer Reviews: Love this light weight blanket.

    Best cooling blanket for menopause: cool blankets for guys

    cool blankets for guys

    Why you need it: Suitable for menopause
    Feeling hot flashes is one of the most common manifestations of menopause. Sudden sweating can cause you to wake up from your dreams and make it difficult to fall asleep again. To relieve this symptom, in addition to using a medication, you should also change to a summer cooler blanket that allows you to cool down, This comforter will be great for helping you cool down at night and can be washed using machine wash, which is very convenient.
    Real Customer Reviews: Such luxury

    Best cool summer blanket: dreamchill cooling blanket

    cool throw blankets

    Why you need it: For those who like stylish bedding
    Real Customer Reviews:I love the blanket & was really surprised at the difference it makes in sleeping cooler. Haven't laundered yet, but hope it holds up. It's really so soft & you can really feel the coolness. And it's pretty & looks great on my bed!!!

    Best king size cooling blanket: cooling blanket king size

    king size weighted blanket cool

    Why you need it: For those who are looking for a larger size quilt
    A large-size summer comforter can make you feel super comfortable and secure at the same time. If you want to cover your whole body in the quilt but are worried about getting hot, this summer cooler is simply your first choice. King's size is big enough to wrap around you, so you can keep your sleeping habits in summer too!
    Customer Reviews:It is exactly what I want! Comfy, soft, cooling, and lightweight! I also like the colors!

    Best silk cooling blanket: warming and cooling blanket

    the new silk cooling blanket

    Why you need it: Ideal for those who are looking for a lightweight, breathable, travel carry-on blanket
    The touch of silk can be said to be the hall of fame, and silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids and proteins, is very good for your skin, and silk has a natural thermal conductivity, can exclude your heat outside the quilt, and maintain the appropriate temperature, the use of silk as a summer cooler fabric is invaluable, if you are looking for a great sleeping partner, I think it is the best!
    Real Customer Reviews: how about a picture of the actual product in full instead of just a bunch of snippets thanks

    Best cooling weighted blanket reviews: weighted blankets that are cool

    weighted blankets that are cool

    Why you need it: For customers looking for an alternative to traditional quilts
    According to the brand, this quilt can keep your body temperature constant at your favorite temperature, and both sides of the fabric are made of Tencel fabric, which can achieve the effect of antibacterial, especially for people who like to sweat, because too much sweat breeding will make the quilt more bacteria, the filling of this quilt is also antibacterial, and the weight is also very suitable, both to make you feel comfortable and very light and soft.
    Real Customer Reviews: Really feel cool and soft , I get another two as gifts


    People also ask:

    Are cooling blankets worth it?

    However, while a good summer cooling blanket may cost a little more, the performance it can bring is worth it. Deeper sleep is the primary determinant of whether we are well rested, but uncomfortable covers can make it difficult for hot sleepers to get to a deeper level of sleep, Even if you fall asleep, you may wake up quickly from the heat, Poor sleep is very costly to the body, and the solution to this trouble is easy: change the sleep environment that causes restlessness and contribute to good sleep patterns.

    Cooling blankets are considered a great partner for beneficial sleep promotion because good materials allow the body to be constant at a more comfortable temperature, eliminating excess heat and moisture and keeping the experience cooler, so cooling blankets are a worthwhile investment.

    Does a cooling blanket work?

    Cooling blankets have slightly different functions. Most cooling blankets are going to be made with moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. In fact, the most effective is the combination of TENCEL™ Lysol fabric with a silk filling.TENCEL™ Lyser is made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees, which are made into wood pulp and spun into fibers. They are soft, lightweight, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, and environmentally friendly. This fabric has this natural cooling sensation, and it can achieve a good cooling effect by absorbing excess body heat and excluding it from the outside of the blanket.

    How to use cooling blanket?

    The use of a cooling blanket is the same as the use of other quilts, because the cooling blanket has a natural cooling effect, so in the summer when you use it, you can first adjust the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature (preferably 78℉/26℃), no need to adjust the temperature too low, the air conditioning temperature is too cold is not good for your health, you can also use some sleep aid aromatherapy so that your body is in a relaxed state.

    It will be cold in winter with a cooling blanket, so you can use an all-season silk comforter to help hot sleepers regulate their temperature, warm and comfortable.

    How to wash cooling blanket?

    Check the care instructions on the label in detail before cleaning any type of blanket. Different fabrics will have different cleaning requirements.

    Washing guidelines for spot cleaning

      If the stain is small, you can use a spot cleaning method by wetting the stained area with a damp towel or sponge, then rub the stain with a mild detergent or soap, wiping it down and rinsing it with warm water, then hanging it in a cool place to air dry.

       Machine wash care guide

        Most cooling blankets are machine washable, as most brands try to be machine washable considering the very hot summer, but there are still a few points to note in order to be able to maintain the quilt to be used for a longer period of time. The first is to choose a mild detergent, that does not contain bleaching ingredients, and then wash with cold or warm water, after washing, should also pay attention to whether the business recommended drying the blanket, if not drying, you need to hang it the blanket in the shade and pat to help the filling fluffy.

        Can you dry a cooling blanket?

        Summer blankets can be washed by hand or machine, but most of the high-quality summer blankets cannot be dried because the high temperature will damage their coolness. The best way is to dry it in a cool place after washing and drying, avoiding direct sunlight.

        Where to buy cooling blankets: Heartcosy worth to try

        You can have a comprehensive understanding of the summer cooling quilts on the market and have the intention to try to buy them but do not know which brand is the most trustworthy, Heartcosy is worth trying, from summer cooling blankets to all-season quilts, to super warm winter silk quilts, Heartcosy's mission is to accompany every customer who pursues quality sleep with heart and service and real premium products.

        By purchasing a Heartcosy comforter, you get the best quality product at the most reasonable price, and you'll know how suitable it is for hot sleepers the moment you get it. We've gone through many tests, taking into account a variety of factors including the coolness of the fabric, the softness of the filling, and the overall durability to create this chemical-free, eco-friendly comforter. We invite you to visit our store and ask any questions you may have about any of our products, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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