Why does silk duvets have a distinctive odor?

Many friends choose to buy silk duvets to keep warm in 2022, but the first time they use silk quilts they send out a common question. What about the musty smell of the silk you bought? What about the sour smell of the silk you bought? Why does a newly purchased silk duvet smell musty and sour? Don't worry, this means that you are buying a silk duvet that has just been made. The musty or sour smell is normal and non-toxic. Why do you say so? You will know after reading this article. At the end of the article, you will also be told a simple way to quickly remove the smell.

Generally, if a newly made mulberry silk duvet is degummed, it will have 2 kinds of odor. One is the so-called musty smell, and the other is sour smell.


Musty odor

In fact, this is the smell of mulberry silkworm pupae. The process of making silk from mulberry cocoons, you need to cook the cocoons first, the silk has 1/3 is stomata, when cooking cocoons, the smell of silkworm pupae is stored in the stomata of the silk.

But don't worry, the organic silk comforter will be placed in the stomata after a period of time, the pupa smell will slowly be replaced by air without smell, and the silk will gradually no smell.

If you want to quickly remove the smell, put the silk quilt in a ventilated place to blow, is a very effective method, generally a two weeks later, the all silk comforters musty smell will disappear.

But the effect will be better in the sun, because the temperature increase will accelerate the replacement of air in the stomata. But not in direct sunlight. In other non-direct sunlight conditions, silk quilts can be dried for two hours.

Everyone's perception of smell is different, so the smell will be different.

Sour smell

The silk quilt has a sour smell possibly because the silk filled comforters purchased has undergone a degumming process, so that the silk is free from tumbling and is more high-grade. In terms of production process, when producing silk, it is necessary to add alkali to boil, in order to degum.

The degumming process makes the silk glue fall off, and acid is used, which can make the silk softer.

After degumming, it needs to be washed and then some glacial acetic acid is used to neutralize the residual alkalinity in the silk, because the smell of glacial acetic acid is more dominant, and the slightest residue will have a great sour smell, which is normal.

More common are two kinds of acid, one is acetic acid, which is the acid in the vinegar we drink, called the use of acetic acid. The second is edible citric acid.

Clean silk is the use of acetic acid or citric acid, both will quickly evaporate.

Fresh fragrance

Mulberry silkworms are the main source of food, the baby silkworm naturally has a faint fragrance of mulberry leaves, so the silkworms also have such a smell after cocooning.

The initial smell of silk quilt is faint, most people are able to accept, but there are a few people can not accept the smell, so you can put the newly bought silk quilt in a ventilated and dry place to dry on a period of time, so the smell of silk quilt will disappear.

silk duvet

How to remove the smell of silk quilt?

It is easy to get rid of the smell of silk quilt, just put the silk filled comforter in the sun under good ventilation, because the temperature will accelerate the air replacement in the stomata, the smell will evaporate quickly and will gradually disappear. However, do not expose to the hot sun to prolong the life of the real silk comforter and keep it soft and comfortable. When drying, it is better to gently pat the quilt with your hand to make it fluffy.

The smell of the mulberry silk filled comforter is determined by the natural properties of silk. If the pure silk comforter you buy does not have the slightest smell, then you can consider whether you have bought a silk quilt impersonated by polyester fiber. If you are a fan of silk quilts and are sensitive to the smell, you may consider choosing heartcosy silk quilts. heartcosy controls the acidity at 4-5 during the degumming process, which minimizes the smell of silk.


  1. A good quality silk quilt will have a faint silk smell, the so-called sour smell, which is normal and harmless to human body.
  2. A silk quilt with no smell at all is likely to be a fake silk quilt.
  3. The acidic smell is too strong or there is an odor, it is a product of substandard quality.

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