Silk duvets vs down duvets:A detailed comparison

Down comforters are traditionally the king of the comforter market. They can keep you warm on cold winter nights and make your bed look extra bulky. Down comforters were widely used for centuries before air conditioners and electric heaters were invented, so they must be good! 

But something better came along and the duvet gradually lost out to the silk comforter, which now occupies a large part of the bedding market.

From the moment we first touch a mulberry silk-filled duvet, we can no longer use the down comforter. Why did this change happen? Let's do a detailed comparison of the two types of duvets.

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Silk Duvets vs Down Duvets: The detailed comparison


On Amazon, a king size silk comforter costs $180-$450 (this price includes summer washable silk comforter and all seasons as well as winter comforter), and on more specialized brand sites such as, silk comforter prices are also in this range.

On Amazon, a King size down comforter costs about $189-$459. Overall, pricing is similar for both types of comforters.


The mesh structure of mulberry silk makes the luxury silk comforter very breathable, and this breathability does not mean that all the heat is dissipated, but that the temperature around the body is regulated naturally by allowing excess heat to escape, so the silk quilt is better for environments with moderate air conditioning, which is why the silk quilt can be used at various temperatures throughout the year.

The air pockets formed by the down inside the duvet are stationary, so the duvet draws in all the heat emitted by the body. A down comforter is great if your bedroom is very cold in winter. But if your room is heated, the down comforter will make you sleep uncomfortably, and the heavy feeling will make you move the comforter away from you and cause a cold.


Silk duvets are able to fit your body like your pajamas. You will really feel comfortable with a silk comforter, and if you like to turn over in your sleep, then a silk comforter is really perfect for you because no matter how you turn over, the comforter will stay against your body and not make you feel cold, it's just so soft. Although duvets are heavier they will never have the drape of a silk comforter, and they are too bulky to achieve a snug fit against your body. Silk duvets are fundamentally smoother.

A down comforter will seal the down in a small square, and it will gather a lot of air in it so the comforter is not flattering, and the warmth from the weight is never really warm, is it? Silk is what gives drapability, fit and comfort.


The washable silk cooling comforter is washable, but the all-season silk comforter and winter silk comforter are not washable, but the mulberry silk duvet has anti-bacterial, anti-mold, and anti-mite functions, which means that the silk comforter only needs to be dried in a ventilated place every year (but not in direct sunlight) to exclude excess moisture from the filling, and the silk comforter hardly needs to be dry cleaned, and it does not take up as much space as the down comforter which is more convenient to store.

Down duvets need to be washed frequently because they are not very resistant to mold and bacteria/dust mites. However, down comforters are best cleaned by dry cleaning, which means the cost of maintaining them well is enormous. The problem is further exacerbated by the overheating of the duvet, as more perspiration often leads to easier formation of mold and mildew.

5.Sleep Quality

When you sleep with a silk duvet, the silk duvet allows your skin to breathe. With a pure silk duvet, you will stay warm and comfortable all night without overheating because the silk duvet helps regulate your body temperature.

Compared to silk comforters, down comforters are relatively heavy, do not fit your body well, and leave a larger gap, which means it is difficult for sleepers to move while covered with a down comforter, and each movement may cause the comforter to break away from your body, and the comforter being too heavy can also cause the body's blood to circulate poorly. Causing your nervous system to not rest.


Best silk comforters can help provide a healthier sleeping environment with a soft touch that makes sleeping easier. Silk has natural anti-fungal properties and prevents mites, which is better for your health and skin health

A down comforter does provide the comfort and warmth needed to enhance the sleep experience, but the heat it traps can lead to sweating and, eventually, bacteria. If there is too much moisture, mold and mildew can accumulate in the duvet and long-term use can cause problems such as itchy skin


All in all, there is no better sleeper quilt than organic silk comforter, it meets all the conditions that sleepers need, if you have neither air conditioning nor electric heater at home, you can buy two silk quilts set in a quilt cover, if you have a safe electric blanket at home, it is really more than enough to buy a silk quilt, otherwise in the case of similar prices, silk quilt is much better than down quilt.

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