Silk Comforter vs Down Duvet | The 9 Amazing Advantages of Silk Comforters

If you are shopping for a comforter for your bed, a silk comforter will definitely be the best choice for you. Silk has more impact on your health, quality of sleep, and luxurious decor of your bedroom than a down duvet. Let's take a look at 7 amazing advantages of silk comforter that will make you want to change the comforter you are using.


Is a silk comforter better than down?

The answer is absolutely yes. Let's compare the aspects of a silk comforter and a down duvet.

down fiber vs silk fiber


silk comforter

down duvet

Provide a healthy sleep environment


close to the skin








Anti-mite and dustproof





In order to make you understand more specifically, we have made a detailed explanation.

  • Warmth under the same filler weight: down duvet > silk comforter.

Because there are millions of tiny triangular-shaped pores on the spherical fibers of down, which guarantee the air blocking.

Mulberry silk is filament, and there is a hollow layer between the silk fibers, which is not as airtight as down.

For example:

The recommended weight of a king size comforter at the same room temperature of 10-15 ℃.

Down duvet: filling 1100 - 2100g

Silk comforter: filling 2000 - 3000g

But this does not mean that the silk quilt is not warm, on the contrary, the insulation effect of the silk quilt is different.

 Compared to a down duvet, a silk comforter can maintain temperature at a much lighter weight.

  • Moisture absorption and moisture wicking ability: down duvet silk comforter.

The down comforter is sometimes covered with sweat, and it is not easy to breathe.

Silk fibers are very fine and full of space between fibers, so it can fill the air and better regulate the temperature in both directions.


  • Skin-friendliness: down duvet silk comforter.

Down is fluffy, so it is not close to the skin and can leak wind.

The mulberry silk is thin and smooth, and the silk is made to fit comfortably.


  • Static electricity and dust adsorption: down duvet > silk comforter.

In order to prevent the down from running, the down comforter is usually made of coated high-density fabric, which mostly consists of polyester. When the weather is dry, it is easy to generate static electricity.

Silk is animal protein, does not produce static electricity, silk quilt cover is also generally used cotton quilt cover. In addition, silk protein is covered with a layer of silk glue, which has the function of mite prevention and dust control.


  • Not washable: down duvet = silk comforter

Maintenance duvet and silk quilt two players are the same, in order to ensure the fluffy comfort of the quilt, they can not be washed! However, the washable silk cooling comforter that has been treated with a special process can also be gently washed.


Obviously, silk quilts are worth every penny. They can help you sleep comfortably. They can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The advantages of silk comforters over down duvets are even more obvious in terms of health. I'll tell you more about the 9 amazing benefits of silk comforters next.

The 9 Amazing Advantages of Silk Comforters


  1. Good for the body

We have introduced the 7 advantages of silk quilts for the body. Because silk is rich in sleep factors, it can improve the quality of sleep to a great extent. The amino acids contained in silk quilts help moisture penetrate the skin, which is very helpful for people with eczema or allergic skin. The structure of silk quilts is stable and will not be inhaled into the respiratory tract during sleep. The light weight reduces the pressure on the body and is very helpful for body circulation.


  1. Prevents overheating

Silk comforters are top-notch for warmth, but unlike down duvets, silk is a breathable fabric that naturally wicks moisture away from your body. This means that silk duvets keep you cool and comfortable all night long. This makes them a great choice for people with night sweats or hot flashes.

Silk comforters also come in handy in the winter because they keep you warm by gently hugging your body rather than weighing you down with multiple blankets and quilts. For this reason, silk comforters are the best choice for all seasons.


  1. Softest handfeel

Silk is soft and smooth, stroking like a cat's tummy, silk comforter softer than ever. when sleeping, it can be called soft surroundings silk comforter, can make the body completely in a relaxed state.

 Silk comforters have the softest handfeel.

  1. Anti-allergy

Silk is a purely natural material that prevents common allergens (such as dust mites) from surviving and organizes dust mite reproduction by repelling moisture, so it has anti-allergy properties. In addition, unlike down comforters, silk comforters do not have a chemical odor. Chemical odors may cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions that can lead to respiratory diseases.

 Silk comforters can be effective anti-allergy to the skin.

  1. Durable

The luxurious texture of a silk comforter can often take attention away from its durability. Silk is tough and very strong, making this bedding less likely to tear, pull or hook than its counterparts. That's why a high-quality silk comforter can last up to 20 years, as long as it's protected from harsh detergents and frequent washing.


  1. Easy to maintain

You need to know some key points to maintain silk products such as silk quilts, silk pillows, etc., for example, how to take care of silk pillows.

- You don't have to wash your silk comforter because mulberry silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust mites, moths, mildew and odors.

- If your washable silk summer quilts become stained and you have to clean them, hand wash or wash gently. The water temperature should not exceed 30°C.

- Do not dry clean. This will affect their natural properties. Washable silk comforters are only allowed to air dry after washing.

- You can use a removable cover to cover the silk quilt core so that you do not need to wash it as often.


  1. Does not generate static electricity

100% mulberry silk is not electrostatic, because mulberry silk is protein, in the process of friction will not be electrostatic, 100% mulberry silk products, good warmth, and breathable soft, people very good. Natural silk fiber composition of 97% is animal protein, silk is the least electrostatic fabrics.

Mulberry silk is not only the most important raw material for silk weaving, but also can be used to make artificial blood vessels. Silk and human keratin and collagen are the same protein, the structure is very similar, therefore, has excellent human biocompatibility.


  1. Environmentally friendly

Silk is a highly renewable resource that has a minimal impact on the environment compared to other textile materials. The mulberry silk used in silk quilts is not chemically treated and every user can be assured. Silk quilts can be used for a long time.


  1. Best fit

Because it is similar to human skin structure, the silk quilt can wrap the body well, and when turning over, the quilt will not create a gap with the body, which can make people feel safe when sleeping.


After learning about the 9 advantages of silk quilts, you will definitely choose to replace the quilts in your home with silk quilts. For the sake of your family's sleep health, I also suggest you learn more about silk quilts and how to choose the best silk comforters to help you buy the most satisfying items.

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