The 7 benefits of silk quilts for your body

We use quilts more than a third of the day, so why not choose a silk quilt that is good for your body? Today I will introduce you to the 6 benefits of using HEARTCOSY silk quilts for your body.

Heartcosy silk comforter has very many benefits for the body.

Why is silk quilt better for your body?

Silk is an all-natural textile material, with no hint of artificial materials added. Environmentally friendly, healthy materials often come from nature. Silk is very beneficial to the human body because pure natural silk is chemically constructed with 18 natural amino acids, which contain a subtle component that has a stabilizing effect on human nerves, and it effectively allows you to sleep more soundly, not only preventing the trouble of insomnia, but also eliminating fatigue completely.

 HEARTCOSY silk quilt is filled with 6A grades mulberry silk

The silk used by HEARTCOSY is 6A grade mulberry silk filament, which is tough and not easy to run out of silk. According to the feedback from customers, using HEARTCOSY's silk quilts has improved their health, mainly in the following 7 aspects.

1.Improve the quality of sleep

Silk is a biological protein fiber, rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, these amino acids emit fine molecules called "sleep factor", these "sleep factors" can make people's nerves in a relatively stable state, thus promoting sleep. And mulberry silk is recognized as the world's softest, healthiest, human "sleep engineering" natural fiber, with mulberry silk as the filling material made of HEARTCOSY silk quilt, with the body, comfortable qualities, can help you fall asleep in the shortest possible time.

 Heartcosy silk quilts help people to improve their sleep quality.

2.Relieve stress

The super softness of HEARTCOSY silk quilt makes people eliminate fatigue quickly after lying down. All the pressure of the day's work disappears. Sleeping every day is like lying on a cloud, silky soft, and light and stress-free. Maybe you are tired of the heavy quilts, try silk quilts.

3.Two-way regulation, improve body temperature

The silk fiber chosen by HEARTCOSY has a much larger void ratio than other fibers, which makes it easy to absorb and preserve air, and the silk quilt has fluffy and breathable and very good warmth. Silk is about 1/3 hollow and can absorb 30%-50% of the water without feeling wet. As the temperature inside the quilt rises, the body will sweat and the hot body temperature makes the water evaporate through the silk quilt, and the evaporation will absorb heat and make people feel cool, so the silk quilt acts as a thermos role. .

4.Improve skin condition

HEARTCOSY silk cooling quilts help sensitive skin in two ways.

First, silk is 100% natural and contains many amino acids common to the human body that help water penetrate the skin (aiding absorption) and help the skin heal, so a very large number of mask materials will use silk.

Second, silk is fine, durable, lightweight and has a 75% stretch, which means that 10 cm (4') will stretch to 17.5 cm (6 1/2"). The individual fibers are about half a mile long, i.e., what gives the fabric a lustrous and ultra-smooth surface that is great for sensitive skin.

Together, these benefits will help with.

  • Eczema
  • Sensitive skin
  • Allergic rashes
  • Inflammatory skin conditions (psoriasis)
  • Shingles
  • Post-chemotherapy sensitive skin
  • Post-operative sutures
  • Sunburn
  • Sclerosis of blood vessels

 Cured of skin disease after using Heartcosy silk quilt.

5.No dust, no mites

Compared with cotton quilts, HEARTCOSY silk quilts are not easy to generate static electricity and do not absorb dust. At the same time, silk protein can absorb CO2 produced by human metabolism and eliminate odor in the air. Cotton quilts are prone to static electricity when rubbed with dust, so in most cases, the presence of dust triggers dust mites and leads to skin allergies and redness. Moreover, static electricity will stimulate the nerves on the human body surface and produce small red bumps on the skin, making the skin dry and keratinized. Cotton quilts can grow mold over time, as well as the invasion of bacteria. The silk quilt, on the other hand, does not need to be, it just needs to be placed in a cool place and folded and collected. In general, as long as it is properly maintained, a silk quilt is no problem to use ten to fifteen years.

6.Protect the respiratory tract

Silk is currently the world's most stable natural textile material, it does not run down like cotton, goose down. heartcosy silk quilt selection mulberry silk filament, silk fibers play a filtering role, there will be no fine lint inhaled respiratory tract. In this regard, mulberry silk will also be relatively healthier. While cotton, goose down belongs to the short fiber, as long as gently tapped, will float out from the quilt. In the usual folding quilt, turning the quilt, the quilt of small lint diffuse the whole room, unknowingly sucked into the respiratory tract, so the respiratory system is not good people should try to avoid using.

Heartcosy silk quilts do not feel heavy at bedtime.

7.Light weight, good for body circulation

HEARTCOSY silk quilt has a natural porous protein composition, which has a good regulating effect on the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body during sleep, enhancing the vitality of human cells and regulating various base energy of the body. In addition, HEARTCOSY silk comforter has no pressure, and during sleep, breathing is very smooth, which is good for body circulation and makes cardiovascular load-free. This is very helpful for patients who have hypertension disease.


In order to ensure the health of users, improve the quality of sleep and skin, and prevent respiratory diseases, HEARTCOSY silk quilts have made great efforts in the selection of materials. The mulberry silk filament can release its energy at night and give you a good night's sleep. Try HEARTCOSY silk comforter now for only 189$ and 10% off discount.

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