How To Clean and Care For Silk Filled Pillows

While most of us wash out pillowcases regularly, we often neglect the pillow. Over time, dirt, sweat and bacteria can develop on your pillow and it’s time for a good clean. Silk filled pillows are a luxurious experience and make sleeping so much better than on a regular pillow. But as silk filled pillows are different, they also require a different washing process.


Because the silk fibres in a silk filled pillow are so fine, its best to hand wash to prevent clumps forming in the washing machine.

Step 1

Fill up large tub, sink or bath tub with warm water and a gentle detergent. We recommend the Silk Delicate Laundry Wash from The Laundress.

Step 2

Place your pillow in the water and move it around to work the soapy water into the pillow

Step 3

Rinse the detergent out with clean water and occasionally squeeze to get the excess water out.

Step 4

Leave the pillow out to air dry. This may take a couple days to completely dry through.


We understand that with our busy lives, washing your pillow may not be a priority. But there are a few simple ways you can clean your pillowcase without washing it in water.


Try to fluff your pillows every day when you make your bed to remove any dust. It’s also a good idea to hang out pillow outside to air out every few months.


The UV rays from the sun can actually work to naturally disinfect objects and surfaces. So let your pillow soak up the sun and it will help to keep it fresh.

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