2023 Best Guide to Buy Down Alternative Comforter

If you are looking to purchase a down alternative comforter but are caught up in the confusion, you may want to read this article directly.

To help all potential comforter customers find the best comforter, this article will explore the pros and cons of different materials for down alternative comforter, and hopefully help our readers decide which comforter is best for them.

What is down comforter?

The filling of down comforter is mainly down. The core of the down comforter has white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down, goose and duck mixed down and crushed down, among which the superior quality belongs to the goose down, and the goose down is superior to the white goose down.

Down is long in the goose, duck's abdomen, into a reed-like down, into a piece called feathers. As down is an animal protein fiber, than cotton (plant cellulose) insulation, and down spherical fibers densely covered with millions of triangular-shaped tiny pores, with the temperature change and contraction expansion, produce temperature regulation function, can absorb the body to emit the flow of heat, isolated from the invasion of cold air.

However, duvets usually have a bad smell. If a duvet is made from ducks that have not reached maturity, it will have a heavier odor, and the odor will change when the weather is humid.

What kind of people should not choose a duvet?

1) People who suffer from allergies or rhinitis. This is because the down in the duvet is a trigger for the symptoms.

2)Sleepers who want a warm comforter but don't want to sleep hot

Shoppers seeking a more durable and long-lasting comforter

By comparing a silk comforter and a down comforter, you will have a better idea of what comforter you should choose.

What is a down alternative comforter?

The main difference between a down comforter and an alternative down comforter is the filling inside. As the name implies, down alternative comforter is filled with materials such as cotton, polyester fiber, silk, etc. I will give you a detailed description of the types of down alternative comforters below.

Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester condensed from organic dibasic acid and diol, and it is a low-cost artificial chemical fiber synthesized from derivatives produced by oil and natural gas production. Polyester quilts are a more common and cheap alternative to down quilts.


1) It has high strength and elasticity. So it is strong and durable, wrinkle and iron-free.

2)If there is enough air in a certain insulation layer, there will be more and more insulation. According to this simple principle, chemical fibers are hollow, and experiments show that this shape does insulate more than ordinary fibers.

3) Polyester fabric has better light resistance than acrylic, and its light resistance is better than natural fiber fabric. Especially, the sunlight resistance behind glass is very good, almost equal to acrylic. In addition, the initial modulus of polyester is high, so the fabric is stiff and has good dimensional stability.


1)The disadvantage of polyester quilt is that polyester fiber structure is dense, high crystallinity, internal macromolecules do not have hydrophilic genes, so the moisture absorption is low, not easy to dye, breathability and sweat absorption is poor, and also for strong alkali resistance is poor.

2) In the winter time when the weather is dry and dryer, polyester quilts are easy to generate static electricity after friction.


High quality mulberry cocoons

Silk quilts are the more expensive of the down alternative quilts (similar in price to a down comforter). However, silk comforter is also the healthiest of all comforter types. People with cardiovascular disease or allergies should give priority to silk comforters. You can learn about the top 7 health benefits of silk comforters.


1) Super soft comforter. The silk quilt is fluffy and soft, so it is covered with a large force area and a small pressure, so it feels very light and does not have the feeling of being pressed by the cotton quilt, so that the cardiovascular is not burdened.

2) Moisture absorption and breathability. Because the silk quilt contains "hydrophilic side chain amino acids", it can absorb moisture inside the quilt and exclude it, so that the quilt is dry and pleasant.

3) It's not easy to be allergic. The silk quilt is made of silk protein, which is a natural material and is very skin-friendly, so it is not easy to produce allergies and other problems.

4) Anti-mite and anti-bacterial. Ordinary quilts are susceptible to mold and mildew when exposed to moisture, as well as mites and bacteria invasion. And silk is covered with a layer of silk gel outside, which has natural immunity to mites and many kinds of microorganisms. It is great for people who are allergic to mites.

5) No static electricity. The winter weather is dry, polyester fiber is easy to generate static electricity, adsorbing dander and a lot of dust . While silk is a protein fiber, friction will not generate static electricity.


1) High price. The price of silk comforters is similar to down comforters. If the content is 100% silk comforter, it may be more stressful for many friends to bear.

2) Quality varies. Many people do not know enough about silk quilts, it is easy to buy counterfeit products. You can tell good or bad silk quilt by 3 steps.


A woman is picking cotton

Cotton is the most common down alternative comforter.


1) Cotton is breathable, moisture wicking, and often chosen fabric for children's clothing.

2) Good warmth, good heat storage capacity, no static electricity.


1) Cotton winter quilt needs heavy weight, so the weight is high, and it is not suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, poor blood circulation, as well as the elderly and pregnant women.

2) It needs to be renovated from time to time.

Our Top Pick - Silk Comforter

Heartcosy Silk Down Alternative Comforter Winter

Silk down alternative comforter for winter

You may be concerned that silk comforters are not as fluffy as down comforters. However, that's not the case at all with Heartcosy's recently relaunched Silk Down Alternative Comforter. If you're the type of person who wants to be wrapped in a thick, cozy cloud, then this is the comforter for you.

It has a 100% cotton satin shell filled with premium mulberry silk. And it is available in two sizes: king size, queen size, so whether you're using it individually or in pairs, you're sure to find the perfect match.

Price at time of publish: $449 for queen size silk comforter,  $489 for king size silk comforter

After reading this article, you must have an updated understanding of down alternative comforter. You can buy the right comforter for you according to your actual situation.

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