3 Steps to Quickly Tell the Good and Bad Silk Comforter

According to market reports, more and more people around the world are using silk comforters, and they are gradually changing from a high-end luxury product to a popular product that everyone can use. More and more people are learning about the advantages of silk comforters compared to down comforters and wool comforters. However, the silk comforters on the market vary in quality and price, and customers are frequently defrauded, so people are always confused about how to tell if a silk comforter is good or bad. Today I will help you distinguish between good and bad silk comforters in three steps, so you can buy a better silk comforter at the right price.


Silk types

Mulberry silk

Mulberry silk produced in the south, is the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm cocoon drawn from the silk, this silk color white, silk fine, feel delicate, smooth, handmade mulberry silk general cost price of more than 400$, mechanism mulberry silk 260-330$. Mulberry silk in the production, but also according to the production process will be divided into several grades.


Double Palace or quality cocoon silk sponge

Double Palace cocoon refers to a cocoon made of two baby silkworms in partnership, high-quality cocoon silk white and with a pearl-like luster, and silk properties than the general silk, thicker fibers, grain cocoon silk longer. With its production of silk comforter containing low rate of miscellaneous, elasticity and fluffiness, long-term use is not easy to cake.


Chrysalis-lined silk cotton

Chrysalis-lined silk sponge is the innermost thin cocoon layer left after cocoon reeling, chrysalis-lined sponge also belongs to the mulberry silk filament sponge, the appearance looks like double palace silk sponge, warmth effect is also as good, but chrysalis-lined sponge feel poor, more tendons, more small bumps, finer fiber, poor strength, poor elasticity, relatively easy to knot.


Cocoon clothing silk and cotton

Cocoon coat silk wool is a loose mess of silk strands spit out by silkworms at the beginning of the cocoon, playing a role in fixing the position of the cocoon. Cocoon clothing fiber is thin and fragile, and contains a large amount of silk glue, silk is shorter, called short silk, pulled into the mulberry silk is easy to knot, disconnected, not durable.


Quercus serrata silk

Compared with mulberry silk, the color of Quercus sericea silk is darker and its original color is grayish black. In the actual production process, the silk is often faded with acid and muted chemicals. The general price is 130-180$.


Chemical fiber, Floss Silk Tree

Chemical fiber with natural or synthetic polymer substances as raw materials, chemical or physical methods of processing and the fiber produced by the collective name.

Floss Silk Tree, the family of cottonwood, deciduous trees, native to India, generally used to fill pillows, etc., the general price of 30-50$ / kg. Online cheap silk comforter are using this impersonation of mulberry silk.


In the purchase of silk comforter to pay attention to the word game, only marked filler for 100% mulberry silk is authentic mulberry silk comforter, but now online silk comforter prices are confusing, because many are with crushed silk, chemical fiber and cotton impersonation, generally containing mulberry silk 50% is a qualified silk comforter, shopping malls, supermarkets more for such products; if the label silk comforter weight 6 pounds, it is likely to include the weight of the inner liner set. General 200 * 230 tribute satin set weighs about 2.5 pounds, that the price gap up and down is big!


Silk quality

After clearly understanding the type of silk, you need to master some methods to identify the silk comforter true or false.


The appearance of high-quality silk has a pearl-like color, with diffuse refraction of light performance. Clean with few impurities, the silk path orderly and neat; and poor quality silk often added bleach and other chemicals, and its appearance is pale, not with a sense of luster and moist, more impurities, silk path confusion.



High-quality silk is soft and smooth to the touch, rich elasticity, no hard masses; and poor quality silk is rough to the touch without flexibility, no sense of moist, cocoon stems, cocoon blocks, raw cocoon pieces, nymphs relatively more. Taste with an oily or musty smell of silk are poor quality products.



Silk burning immediately into ash, burning quickly. Burning is loosely gray, with hair burning smell. Cotton is also ashes can be crushed after burning.


Fiber strength

The better the strength and stretch of silk, the better the quality. The same length of silk thread, after stretching, the longer the quality is better. Generally good mulberry silk can be pulled to more than 100 cm.


Disinfectant test

Disinfectant test, if the real silk, put into the disinfectant, three or five minutes after the silk will gradually be dissolved by the disinfectant solution disappeared.


Fiber fineness

Mulberry silk is several times finer than hair, and the silk is about as thick as hair. In fact, the silk is not as thick as hair, or much finer than hair.


Silk comforter price

Whether you use Google or Amazon or ebay to search for silk comforters, you will get different prices, so what is the right price for a silk comforter? This also needs to be considered from many aspects, and I will analyze it for you in detail.

Below 100$

Usually we see many silk comforters under 100$ on Amazon, but I can tell you clearly that the moment you place an order is also the moment you get cheated. Artificial fiber cost is low, so when businesses want to capture the silk comforter market with low prices, they will use artificial fiber instead of real silk.



This price range usually allows you to buy a very good silk summer cooler with a fill weight of about 400-500g, and you can buy a tencel cover whenever possible. Heartcosy silk summer comforter, which has a tencel cover with a 400g mulberry silk fill, is perfect for hot sleepers to use in the summer without any more night sweats.



If your budget is under $350, you can get a great spring/fall comforter with a silk filling of up to 1,000g. Silk has the quality of keeping the temperature constant so that the whole comforter doesn't get too hot or too cold.



If your budget is within 500$, then you may be able to buy a good silk comforter, the silk filling weight can reach 1800g, enough for you to use in winter. 2022 winter, many customers have already bought Heartcosy's silk comforter. Christmas is coming, Heartcosy is offering customers a discount code: MAS10, you can get 10% off to buy Heartcosy silk comforter and be able to get an extra silk eye mask.


High Quality Silk Comforter Recommendation

Heartcosy——All Seasons Silk Comforter


Heartcosy All Season Silk comforter is filled with silk weighing 1000g, and the cover is made of 60s PIMA cotton, which gives you the most comfortable feeling. Compared with other silk comforter on the market, it is the most suitable price and the best quality choice.


Heartcosy——Silk Comforter Warm Winter


Heartcosy Comforter Warm Winter is filled with silk weighing 1800g, and the cover is made of 60s PIMA cotton, which can effectively store body temperature and not feel cold in winter. The silk is very light and soft and does not make you feel out of breath. Perfect for the elderly and children.


We teach you to identify the good and bad of silk quilt from silk type, silk quality and silk quilt price today, hope this article can give you practical help.

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