Silk Comforter Product Review: Heartcosy vs Tunatutu

Heartcosy and Tunatutu are two very young companies making bedding, Heartcosy focuses on the silk quilt field and Tunatutu has a Tencel quilt in addition to silk quilts. The products of the two companies are relatively similar, but if you look deeper into their products, you will find a big difference. Today, we will talk about their silk quilt products for you to evaluate them in depth.

The Brand

Morgan, the founder of Heartcosy, originally had severe insomnia, and on a trip around the world, he discovered silk quilts in China, a product that amazed him with the texture of silk that improved his quality of sleep. So he decided to return to the United States and introduce silk quilts to everyone who also had insomnia. In the process of improving the silk quilt, he discovered that it not only works for insomnia, but the right amount of silk weight is also very helpful for hot sleepers and improves the symptoms of night sweats. Now Heartcosy is growing with fierce momentum, and more and more people are learning about this brand.


Tunatutu was inspired by the founder Shen's son. His son put the quilt into the washing machine and it was damaged. The focus of Tunatutu's products is perhaps more on the washable function. Their main product is washable cooling blanket.


The weight of all Heartcosy's quilts is directly marked out. The weight of the winter quilt is 1800g mulberry silk, the weight of the spring quilt is 1000g mulberry silk, and the weight of the summer quilt is 400g mulberry silk, both in king size and queen size. The back of both the winter and spring quilts are made of luxury PIMA cotton with 60s weaving technology. The back of the summer quilt is made of 60s Tencel, which is cool to the skin and ideal for hot sleepers.

6A grade mulberry silk

 PIMA cotton

Tunatutu's silk quilts have no way of knowing the weight of their silk filling, as we can only see on the official website that they use premium mulberry silk. Silk-filled Duvet has a unique AB side design, using Tencel for the A side and cotton for the B side. You can use the A side when it's hot and the B side when it's cold.


Price is also an important element in measuring how good or bad a silk quilt is. The price often matches the quality of the product.

Heartcosy's materials are more expensive, so the price is a little higher. The daily retail price for a silk winter comforter is $489 for the queen size and $529 for the king size. The daily retail price of silk spring quilt is $329 for queen size and $359 for king size. The retail price of silk summer quilt is $189 for queen size and $209 for king size.

Heartcosy is currently on sale, so if you see this article you should take the opportunity. Silk winter comforter and silk spring comforter are on sale. The discounted price for silk winter comforter is only 449$ for queen size and 489$ for king size. The daily retail price of all season silk comforter is only $289 for queen size and $309 for king size.

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Tunatutu silk winter comforter daily retail price is 449$ for queen size and 499$ for king size. The daily retail price of silk spring comforter is $329 for queen size and $349 for king size. The retail price of silk summer comforter is $269 for queen size and $289 for king size.


Heartcosy's logistics are available worldwide and are completely free of charge, so customers don't have to worry at all. You can get your purchased silk quilt in 7-10 days after placing your order. If you need the item sooner, then you can contact customer service and they will ship it to you faster. They have always done a very good job in this regard.

Tunatutu is not completely free. They do offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States, except for specific products noted. However, there is a charge for shipping to other countries and regions. If you purchase a silk comforter from Tunatutu, you can see the exact shipping cost to your location on the checkout page.


Heartcosy has always been well received, with a 98% customer satisfaction rate. In the comment section of the store, dealmoon, instagram and other platforms message area, we can see very many positive comments.


Tunatutu is suffering from a crisis of confidence, after their kickstarter crowdfunding, they received a large number of complaints about not receiving the goods, and on their official social accounts, there are still a large number of bad reviews and accusations. A very large number of buyers participated in the crowdfunding in April, but still did not receive the logistics information of tunatutu in December. This is very irresponsible behavior.

Likewise, there are frequent comments from everyday buyers who do not receive their goods.

Tunatutu was charged with non-delivery.

Tunatutu was charged with non-delivery.


Heartcosy Silk and Tunatutu Side-by-side Comparison



Heartcosy Silk


Corporate Focus

Silk bedding experts

Focus on silk comforter research and development

Silk lifestyle brand

Sells bedding (silk and other fabrics) as well as silk accessories

Price: Silk Comforter for Winter 


code: MAS10, get 10%off


Price: Silk Comforter for Spring and Fall


code: MAS10, get 10%off


Price: Silk Cooling Comforter 



Pricing Policy


Inflated with frequent discounts

Silk Swatch Samples





Free *higher price for items


Headquarters is in China:


Heartcosy Silk

Room 605-242, Building 1, No. 379, Tayuan Road, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Jiangsu, China

USA based in CA:




400 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618

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