What kind of silk quilt is worth buying in 2022?

Quilt is our intimate "partner" in sleep, a comfortable and soft quilt for quality sleep is huge, silk quilt with the advantages of breathable, comfortable, light, loved by the majority of friends.

With the increasing pressure of life, a good sleep is very important for everyone, not only for the relief of work pressure, but also for personal health is also a great help.

Do you really know enough about silk quilts? This article will discuss and exchange with you ~

1.Summary of silk quilt recommendations

Within 500$, the following one is recommended.


100% natural mulberry silk, mesh filament cotton, belongs to the superior quality of silk. Tire cover is made of pima cotton, 60 counts × 200 roots encrypted weave. At this price point, you can buy the best quality silk, the price is particularly good.


Within 400$, the following one is recommended.


Made of 100% mulberry silk, moisture-absorbing and breathable, with a hand-set finishing process. Filled by 100% mulberry silk, it is also the best in its price range in general.

 2.The classification of silk quilts

When it comes to the classification of silk quilt, we have to start from the classification of silk, according to the quality of cocoons, silk can be divided into two categories: Quercus sericea and mulberry silk.


. Silk of Quercus serrata

Quercus sericea silk mainly refers to wild silkworms, mainly using various Quercus leaves as food, mostly in the north, with strong corrosion resistance, toughness and moisture absorption, the color looks more natural, but the fiber is thicker, and the price is lower than mulberry silk.


.Mulberry silk

Mulberry silk mainly refers to domesticated silkworms, mainly using mulberry leaves as food, mostly in the south, with soft, smooth, delicate characteristics, very beautiful, the fiber is relatively fine, the price is relatively high.

 mulberry silk

3.Characteristics of silk quilts

Common quilts mainly contain cotton quilts, silk quilts, wool quilts, down quilts, etc. Through the real experience of different kinds of quilts, the results are as follows.

Warmth: down quilt > silk quilt > wool quilt > cotton quilt

Comfort: Silk quiltdown quiltwool quiltcotton quilt

Breathability: Silk quiltdown quiltwool quiltcotton quilt

Healthiness: Silk quiltCotton quiltDown quiltWool quilt

Moisture absorption: Silk quiltdown quiltwool quiltcotton quilt



Warmth retention refers to the quilt to reduce the rate of body heat dissipation and concentrate more heat in the quilt, thus playing a certain warmth effect.


.Good comfort

Fit the body, more soft and delicate.

The quilt not only has practicality, but comfort is also an important aspect to be considered.


.High breathability

This performance is very much concerned by many friends, and the quilt with strong breathability is more comfortable to use.


.With health care

Health care mainly reflects the long-term use of the beneficial nature of the human body, but also more and more friends are very concerned about the point.


.Humidity absorption

Moisture absorption refers to the performance of the quilt to absorb human sweat, and for areas with high humidity, moisture absorption is a more important function.

In summary, silk quilt in warmth, comfort, breathability, health care, moisture absorption are very good, both to effectively protect the skin, and promote the effect of sleep, the most important thing is that it can be used all year round, practicality, is very recommended.

4.The purchase of silk quilts need to pay attention to the main points

In the process of buying silk quilts, the silk content and type of silk quilts, silk length, weight and other key elements of in-depth analysis, fundamentally can distinguish the good and bad of different silk quilts, scientific mastery of these elements, in order to truly distinguish the silk quilts good and bad authenticity.

.Silk content and type

The silk content and type of silk quilt is a very important element of the purchase, can directly determine the quality of silk quilt.

The definition of silk quilt points out that when the silk content accounts for more than 50 percent of the filler, it can be called silk quilt.

According to the silk content, silk quilts are divided into pure silk quilts and mixed silk quilts. The silk content in pure silk quilts accounts for 100% of the filler content. The silk content in the mixed silk quilt accounts for more than 50% of the filler content, so that not all quilts containing silk are silk quilts, we should understand the value of silk content when buying and selling to avoid being fooled, and friends who pursue quality should of course choose 100% silk quilts.

Silkworm silk is mainly divided into crushed silk and mulberry silk, crushed silk lives in the wild, cocoon color is darker, mulberry silk is artificial culture, cocoon color is white and crystal clear.

The price of mulberry silk is higher than that of crushed silk. For those who have sufficient budget, you can give priority to mulberry silk quilt, which is softer and more delicate than crushed silk.

.Silk length

The key factor affecting the quality of silk is the quality of silk wool, according to the length of silk can be divided into long silk, medium-length silk and short silk three categories.

Long silk sponge: the use of intact cocoons as raw materials for processing, the main processing methods include machine processing and manual cocoon peeling, long silk sponge made of silk quilt does not exist splicing situation, can be said to be very complete, with long silk sponge made of silk quilt quality is also better.

Medium-length silk wool: the length is generally more than 25 cm, mainly through the secondary cocoon, hair cocoon and other cocoons for processing, medium-length silk wool in the process of making silk quilt, because the length is not enough, so the production process requires splicing, which all lead to medium-length silk wool made of silk quilt quality than the long silk wool.

Short silk wool: the length of 25 cm or less, mainly processed by the silkworm clothing trimmings, if the silk quilt is made of short silk wool, both comfort and practicality are relatively poor, so in the processing process had to use the quilting technology, to be able to fix it, personally do not recommend the purchase of short silk wool made of silk quilt.

Selection process, the length of the silk wool will directly affect the silk quilt softness, comfort, durability, although the price will be higher, but as far as the quilt use time, the silk quilt made of long silk wool is more recommended.



For the weight of the silk quilt, you can not just focus on the total weight of the silk quilt, because the total weight, in addition to the silk, but also contains the inner lining and other fillers, the net weight of the silk quilt should be concerned when buying. Generally speaking, the higher quality silk quilt is accurately marked on the net weight of silk, according to the net weight to choose, to be able to select the real appropriate silk content.

When choosing a silk quilt, the weight should be considered in terms of the size of the quilt, the room temperature, and the user's specific situation.

The size of the quilt is proportional to its weight, and if the size is larger, the weight of the quilt should increase accordingly.

The indoor temperature is mainly for the southern and northern regions to distinguish, the northern region, the use of heating in winter, do not need too much weight silk quilt.

The specific situation of the user is also an aspect to be considered, some friends are afraid of cold, you can choose a larger weight silk quilt, according to their own situation to choose.

Comprehensive consideration of the above three aspects, you can choose the right weight of silk quilt.


Ⅳ、Tire cover fabric

The choice of silk quilt cotton sleeve is also very delicate, to pay attention to the weight of the sleeve, bonding and anti-drilling aspects.

Through a variety of silk quilt on the market for evaluation, found that the most suitable fabric for the tire cover is pure cotton fabric, the count is best to maintain between 40 and 60 counts.

60 count cotton fabric details

The cotton fabric sleeve fits the silk very well, and the softness and comfort of the silk quilt are the best.


. Process

Purely in terms of the process of silk quilts, there are two main types of quilting process and hand positioning process.

Quilting process

The silk quilt made by the quilting process is not easy to remove and wash, and it has an impact on the fluffiness of the silk quilt.

Hand-positioning process

Silk quilts made by the hand-positioning process are easier to disassemble and inspect, and are more convenient to renovate. 

In the process of selecting a silk quilt, priority is given to the silk quilts made by the hand positioning process.



In the process of selecting silk quilts, you should also pay attention to the length of the zipper. Try to choose a silk quilt with a zipper mouth length of 50 cm or more, because this can be an effective test of the silk quilt's silk situation.

At the same time, also pay attention to the quality of the zipper, judging the silk quilt in the details of good and bad, from the zipper workmanship and the length of the zipper can be distinguished.

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