What is the Coolest Comforter Material for Hot Sleeper 2023?

We feel very hot every summer, especially in 2022, Although the summer was short-lived, the temperatures were higher than in previous years. In most countries, the temperature at night still stays above 86 °F. 

For hot sleeper, summer nights are always very difficult. On the one hand, it is overheated body, on the other hand, the bedding and quilt are not cooling. Therefore, we need to find the coolest comforter to help us fall asleep quickly and feel cool all night long. We tested the common down, silk, cotton, wool, and all kinds of fibers on the market, and we came to the following conclusions about which material is the coolest.

1.Down comforter

The main filler of the down comforter is goose down or duck down, and it has good heat preservation. Generally the down comforter is used in winter because it is filled with a lot of air and can effectively block the outside cold air. In summer, the down will absorb the outside hot air and body temperature at night, locking the hot air in, instead of making the night cooler and reducing the quality of sleep. For hot sleeper, down material is not suitable for summer comforter.

Coolness: ⭐⭐ 

silk cooling comforter

2.Silk comforters

Silk-filled comforter is the most friendly to hot sleeper. The main component of silk is animal protein fiber, whose structure is similar to human skin and contains a variety of essential amino acids, which has the effect of windproof, dehumidification and tranquility.As silk cooling comforter has very good moisture absorption and wicking, when the temperature inside the comforter is too high resulting in more sweat, silk will quickly absorb and distribute the sweat, and the vaporization will take away the heat, thus reducing the temperature inside the comforter. Silk is a very light and soft natural fiber, so you won't feel a sense of squeezing when you sleep. Silk is also very fluffy and breathable, and you will feel very cool.

Coolness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

3.Cotton comforter

Cotton quilts are the most common quilt for daily use, but they are also not suitable for use in hot summer nights. Hot sleeper's body temperature is already very high, and hiding in the quilt will only get hotter. And the quilt is denser, so it feels heavier on the body. If sweating is serious, covering the quilt will have a negative effect on the skin. Hot sleepers with sensitive skin should avoid using quilts or using thinner quilts in summer.

Coolness: ⭐⭐

4.Wool quilt

Wool is the most warm wool type, and it can dissipate heat in the cold winter, so as to keep warm. But this is not a good choice for summer. If hot sleeper uses wool comforter in summer, the temperature inside the comforter will be very high because the curled wool contains a lot of air, and the heat transfer rate of air is very low, which can effectively prevent cold air from outside and also prevent hot air from inside, which will reduce the quality of sleep.

Coolness: ⭐

5.Polyester quilt

Polyester fiber is the least recommended quilt material. Polyester fiber is an industrial product, poor breathability and poor touch, which is not conducive to hot sleeper's sleep. Because the chemical fiber material is also lighter and extremely low-priced, it is often sold as silk by unscrupulous businesses.

Coolness: ⭐⭐

6.Soy fiber comforter

Soy fiber is a popular quilt filling material in recent years, it is very similar to cotton quilts, but it is cheaper than cotton quilts, and compared to cotton quilts, soy fiber quilts are lighter and the warmth is very sufficient. However, soy fiber is more helpful in keeping warm and slightly less effective in cooling.

Coolness: ⭐⭐⭐

After many rounds of testing, silk is the most suitable cooling comforter for hot sleeper, other materials of quilts, either the role is more inclined to warmth rather than cooling, or the texture is not good. In fact, silk quilts have been the higher-end quilt material for millennia and are suitable for any season. And HEARTCOSY silk summer quilts are being loved by more and more hot sleepers.

Heartcosy silk comforter

Why hot sleepers choose HEARTCOSY silk summer quilt?

1.More affordable price

The price of a silk comforter that can do the same material is usually 30% higher than HEARTCOSY. And other quilts with the same price as HEARTCOSY are often not comparable in quality. Currently, HEARTCOSY silk summer cooler offers a 10% discount for every hot sleeper.

2.Use better real silk filling

Most businesses, in order to reduce costs, use the lowest grade silk for filling, or directly use polyester fiber for filling. HEARTCOSY silk summer cooler quilt, using 100% real silk filling, due to the unique properties of silk, can absorb hot sleeper's body heat, reducing the temperature during sleep. At the same time, the quilt uses Tencel fabric, which can bring out the coolness to the maximum.

3.Use of better production technology

In addition to the conventional 8 production processes, HEARTCOSY a qualified silk comforter also needs to go through 36 processes such as spot reinforcement, needle check table inspection, detail control and packaging, etc. Only through layers of process polishing and careful selection can the finished product come out.

4.More comfortable touch

HEARTCOSY has always been committed to finding the best fabric with the best touch, HEARTCOSY selected silk, soft touch, very much like touching the cat's stomach. Because silk has the title of "second skin", it is not only ideal for hot sleepers, but also for nude sleepers.

5.40% improvement in sleep quality

For many hot sleepers who have insomnia in summer nights, their sleep time is extended and their sleep level is deepened after using silk comforter. After testing, the silk used in HEARTCOSY is able to release amino acids. The silk glue component of silk contains 18 amino acids, which emit fine molecules called "sleep factors".

Although each material has its own characteristics, silk is still the coolest comforter material for hot sleepers. In 2022, change your comforter and improve your sleep quality.

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