How to keep your bed warm without heat in winter

With another record low winter temperature likely to be recorded this year. News around the world is reporting how high sales of electric blankets. It may feel good to crank up the thermostat in your bedroom. But using an electric blanket heater all day isn't exactly best for your health.The dry, hot body feeling can make your skin flake, your eyes itch, your throat itch, and even your nose bleed (which is why we recommend using a silk comforter while sleeping).

Turning up the heaters can also drain your wallet. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), most households spend $2,200 a year on their energy bills.The point is that the energy crisis of 2022 is causing us all to use appliances to heat our homes, such as electric heaters, electric blankets. I guarantee you that the dry heat of an electric heater will keep you up all night.

What is the best thing you can do? Use only heaters not electric blankets and lower the thermostat 10° to 15° at night as this will help save you about 10% on your heating bill each year. It may also help you sleep better.

How to keep warm in bed without a heater

Not using an electric blanket doesn't have to make you feel uncomfortably cold. Here's how you can still sleep warm at night without using an electric blanket.

1.Switch to the warmest silk comforter

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The right comforter is the key to staying warm while you sleep. Look for a comforter filled with 100% long strand premium silk. As this is considered the gold material for comforter fillings. Limited budget? Then why not take a look at HEARTCOSY's  mulberry silk quilts? While some businesses cut corners on the weight and filling of the silk quilt for profit, HEARTCOSY has been making high-quality silk quilts from the beginning to the end, and every detail can be strictly tested. The benefits of silk quilts need no introduction, breathability, warmth, antibacterial and anti-mite, and the various advantages of silk quilts make them the most suitable for winter quilts. Don't worry that taking care of your silk comforter will be difficult, it's really very well cared for and there are many articles on Google about how to clean a silk comforter

How heavy is the best silk comforter for winter?

As a rule of thumb, these values are determined according to the season.

  • Summer: 4.4lbs-6.6lbs
  • Spring and autumn and early winter:7.5lbs - 8.5lbs
  • Cold winter: 9.1lbs-9.9lbs

2.Sleeping with socks on

warm sock for winter

Study shows that people who wear socks to bed will sleep 37 minutes longer than those who sleep without socks - Data from Journal of Physiological Anthropology. Wearing socks can help regulate the body temperature of sleepers, but it's best to wear loose-fitting socks so that your blood circulation is not affected. If you feel that your feet are getting colder as you sleep, try wearing socks,a prerequisite for a good night's sleep.

But you can be sure that if you use the premium silk quilt, you will not have cold hands and feet, because the silk can help you regulate the temperature to help you maintain your most comfortable body temperature.

3.Add a rug to your bedroom

rug for winter

A plush rug will not only make your bedroom look visually warmer-it will actually increase the temperature in the room. Rugs block the cold air from the floor and keep your feet from touching the cold floor as you walk around the bedroom. Choose a thick, woolen carpet to trap the heat. As far as materials go, wool is a great insulator. (Here's what kind of comforter makes the perfect winter bedding).

4.Keep your windows insulated


If you find that your apartment is cold from morning to night and it always feels like there's a breeze blowing into your bedroom, check the most likely source of this condition: your windows. Insulating your windows will keep drafts out and heat in, This way you won't have to raise your thermostat and waste money unnecessarily.

5.Move your bed to warm place


If your bed is set up near or against a window, you can move it to the other side of the room, away from the window, You can sleep a little warmer this way, Otherwise the glass will infiltrate the cold air from outside the window, making the temperature around the window cooler, and if you sleep near the window, you may get colder and colder.

6.Change the material of curtain


When buying curtains, there is always a traditional misconception that it is better to buy curtains made of yarn, as long as you pick thick models of yarn curtains, you can completely achieve a constant indoor temperature effect. Regardless of the material, curtains can effectively block cold air, but the effect will be different, The indoor temperature will be adjusted depending on the fabric and material of the curtains.It is recommended that you install 2 curtains to the window in winter, a gauze curtain and a fabric curtain, not only can beautify the space can also increase the temperature of the room. In the material selection, curtain fabric is best to choose to feel the thickness of velvet, satin, fireproof cloth, blackout cloth, etc. Weave texture dense impermeable, like wearing a thick coat in winter, strict gate to say goodbye to the cold winter.

7.Extend the length of curtains


If the curtains do not completely cover the window area, it is the same as not installing curtains, which can not block the cold air and insulation effect, Cold air will run into the room from the bottom or both sides of the curtains, resulting in poor sleep quality in the bedroom. Generally speaking, it is best to add 10 inches to the width and 15-20 inches to the length of the curtains, or even only 2-3 inches from the ground.

Write down your ideas

What tips do you use to stay warm during those long winter nights? Please let me know in the comments below!

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