How to Clean Silk Blankets

Mulberry silk blankets are made from the finest long fiber mulberry silk. As a result, silk blankets are less susceptible to bacteria and require significantly less cleaning than traditional down duvets or sheets.

If cared properly, you can expect your silk cooling blanket to last more than 15 years. However, what does "proper silk care" actually mean? What do you need to do to make sure your 100 Silk blanket and silk comforter lasts for years without yellowing or visibly aging?

How to Clean Your Silk blanket

There are so many advantages of the best silk blanket . One major advantage is how easy Silk blankets are to care for. Silk filled blankets, because of the nature of silk do not harbour dust mites and therefore are naturally healthier than conventionally filled quilts.

Maybe your child has adopted your luxurious silk blanket as his or her own cape and is dragging it around the house, or maybe you spilled milk on it while enjoying breakfast in bed in the morning. Whatever the case may be, there are specific silk care instructions to follow.

Whatever you do, don't wash your silk blanket like you routinely wash your clothes. The silk will become hard and clumpy, destroying the light texture of the silk filling.

To machine wash your silk blanket king size or silk blanket queen size, use a rinse cycle and do not use the spin setting. Only machine dry on delicate, It is better to hang drying.

Machine Washing Silk Blanket Instructions:

  1. observe care labelling
  2. check for damage
  3. observe the capacity of the washing machine
  4. use liquid silk detergent or mild detergent
  5. do not use fabric softener/soap solution
  6. select wool washing program (not silk washing program, because not suitable!)
  7. temperature recommendation: 30 °C
  8. Select the spin cycle at 800 rpm.
  9. START

DRY Silk Blanket Instructions:

  1. not suitable for tumble dryers
  2. please do not dry on the heating or in the blazing sun
  3. carefully pull damp into shape
  4. dry as large an area as possible in a horizontal position
  5. allow the blanket to dry thoroughly before covering it with the fabric

Heartcosy's washable silk cooling comforter , which use craftsmanship and high thread count fabrics result in a durable blanket that is 100% machine washable, can be washed using the machine wash method, following strict care instructions to prevent unnecessary damage.

heartcosy silk comforter

Tips for Storing a Silk Comforter

How to store a mulberry  pure silk comforter is the final consideration for owners. Silk comforters are warm and comfy in the winter, but they could be a bit too warm in the summer. For hot sleepers, switching from silk to bamboo viscose bedding in the summer is a terrific idea. Additionally, silk and bamboo fabrics are simple to keep; just follow these instructions:

  1. Air out your comforter. 
  2. Neatly fold your comforter and place it in a bag. 
  3. Toss in a couple of silica beads to absorb moisture. 
  4. Add cedar balls to repel bugs like moths. 
  5. Close the bag, ensuring that it is airtight. 
  6. Store in a cool, dry place. 

You can now feel the luxury of silk and the advantages of sleeping in high-quality items now that you are aware of how to properly keep, clean, and store silk bedding. 

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