Best Value Bedding Black Friday 2023

The annual "Black Friday" has undoubtedly become a national shopping carnival. Many brands will be in the "Black Friday" to a wave of sincere love promotion, many prices will be the lowest of the year. Today let's talk about the purchase of bed sets, silk quilts, mattresses and other bedding, I believe that no matter which channel to buy, the following strategy is applicable and practical.

What should I pay attention to when buying bedding?

1.Look at the certificate of conformity / product parameters

There are norms can not be fancy words to package, can quickly understand the true face of the bed; in the product quality law is clear, the sale of goods must have a product certificate of conformity, if you buy a product without a certificate of conformity label, you can pay attention to, it is illegal.

2.Look at the material composition description

Cotton, silk, linen, silk wool and other natural materials more skin-friendly, higher prices; in the top of each bed will have a durability label, that is, the ingredient trademark, which is clearly stipulated in the product standards must have, the ingredient trademark marked the product model, fabric or filling material and maintenance instructions. If there is no such mark, then this product should not be purchased.

3.Moderate count is the best

More than 40 counts of quality is good, the pursuit of more than 60 counts can be selected. Remember that there are "high count" to have "high density"; plain, twill, satin, jacquard, grade by grade.

Sometimes there is no way to judge the bedding good or bad with the naked eye, but look at the label on the bedding, it provides a good way to judge. Rough workmanship, poor quality or non-standard business, will not pay attention to these details.

What parameters should I know about selecting bedding?


Bedding is the most intimate contact with our skin household goods, in the selection of the time, the choice of fabric is particularly important.

Generally on the market we can see the following fabrics: cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, polyester fabrics, wool fabrics, silk fabrics.

Cotton fabrics

cotton fiber

Cotton fabric is the most common bedding is also the most applicable a fabric, cotton breathability, moisture absorption is very good, summer use breathable and cool, skin-friendly non-irritating; winter use is not easy to static electricity, cost-effective.

Linen fabric

linen fabric

Linen is a plant fiber, has a good moisture absorption effect, at the same time can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

This fabric is not easy to tear, suitable for summer use, can play the role of breathable, relatively cool.

Polyester fabrics

Polyester fabrics

The biggest advantage of polyester fabric is its high strength and many color choices.

Also the elasticity of this fabric is very good, but unfortunately his moisture absorption is not very good, and easy to pilling, summer cover is too hot for winter.

Brushed fabric

Brushed fabric

Brushed wool fabric softness, insulation and comfort are very good, not easy to pilling, winter use is very suitable.

But if easy to have wool off cause allergies.

Silk fabric

silk fabric

Silk fabrics are skin-friendly and delicate, feel very good, comfortable and breathable, very comfortable for summer use.

But the price is high, while easy to break.

2.Count and density

The factors that determine the comfort of bedding, in addition to the fabric, there are count and density.

In simple terms, one gram of cotton is made into 30 yarns of one meter in length, which is 30 counts; made into 40 yarns of one meter in length, which is 40 counts, and so on.

The higher the count, the finer each yarn, the thinner the fabric, the more soft and delicate, more comfortable.The general bedding count is in the range of 30-60 counts.

Density refers to the number of warp and weft yarns arranged in a unit area, that is, the sum of the number of horizontal and vertical yarns in a unit area.

Several common densities such as 110*90, 128*68, 65*78, 133*73, indicate that the warp yarns per square inch are 110, 128, 65 and 133 respectively; the weft yarns are 90, 68, 78 and 73 respectively.

The same density, the higher count is better, but it does not mean that the higher the count and density is the better.

Selection must be combined with both to consider, otherwise the fabric breathability is poor, cover up very heavy, very uncomfortable.

General 60 count fabric density in about three hundred is a better choice.

3.Textile technology and printing and dyeing process

The good or bad of the textile process and bedding four-piece set durability and comfort have a close relationship.

We are more common textile technology are plain, twill and satin these three.

We can see from the figure below, plain weave, warp and weft yarns are interwoven in turn, this weave out of the fabric is flat and wear-resistant, but the count is relatively low. Twill weave warp and weft yarn two in turn cross, this weave feel more soft, while the density is higher.

The warp and weft yarns in satin weave are the three crosses in sequence, and the best hand feel and highest fabric density in all three. These three weaves are also used in order from low count to high count fabrics.

Plain, Twill, Satin

Spring and autumn quilt - winter quilt how to choose

Now most of the northern hemisphere has cooled down, so let's also look at how to choose quilts together ~

1.Preferred silk quilt


449$-489$, Use discount code "BF10" to get 10% off


World’s softest, sleepiest silk duvet yet - combining the highest quality silk and sustainable, breathable shell. The outer shell is made of 100% organic cotton, the filling is made of 100% premium mulberry silk.

Cozy and fluffier yet supportive without being heavy, silk bedding is an ideal choice for the winter; being both gentle on the skin and supremely warm. In fact, you won't be able to believe how effectively it keeps out the cold.



289$-309$, Use discount code "BF10" to get 10% off

The silk- filled duvet is made of breathable material that naturally, constantly and automatically adjusts to your body temperature, providing you with a very cozy night’s sleep. In addition, the moisture wicking properties help to reduce the effects of night sweats. The outer shell of the silk duvet is 100% organic cotton, the filling is made of 100% premium silk.

3.Recommended artificial fiber quilt

Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter


Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter

Their comforters are filled with a quality microfiber that feels as soft and cozy as down.  However you sleep, we’ve got a comforter to match your needs. Snuggle up to varied levels of warmth and build, each tucked within our ultra-soft, 100% Long Staple Cotton shell.

4.Recommended wool quilt

Thewoolroom Classic Wool Comforter - Warm


Thewoolroom Classic Wool Comforter - Warm

Wool is already a fundamental part of the Woolroom DNA when it comes to bedding, mattresses and accessories, so our focus has always been on buying the right kind of wool, as your comfort is at the forefront of our mind. We have always been proud of our ability to offer high quality, clean and responsibly sourced wool. With the introduction of our traceable wool, we can now offer definitive proof of the sustainable, ethical nature of our wool - right back to the very farm.

5.Recommended cotton quilt

Puredown All Season Organic Cotton Comforter


Puredown All Season Organic Cotton Comforter

Equipped with the perfect weight, this all-season feather comforter is an ideal choice for cold sleepers or hot sleepers. This organic comforter is ideal for year-round use so that you can enjoy its feathery softness and optimum level of warmth during summers or winters.

​6.Recommended down quilt

Onequince Luxe Goose Down Comforter


Down is a very light, breathable and skin-friendly quilt, the price is slightly higher, but really a price a product, five-star hotel quilt is down, down quilt good, is a cover can be experienced Oh.

When people are sleeping, the body is still breathing, and will give off heat and certain moisture to the outside. The down comforter can breathe well, so it won't be stuffy, and the comforter won't get heavy because of moisture absorption. The duvet will keep you dry all night, not stuffy, not sweaty, not hot, light and warm and comfortable.

Other bed products recommended

1.Soft mattress

Casper Original Mattress


Casper Original Mattress

Get all-night comfort with the innovative support system.

Zoned Support™

3 zones of targeted support for proper spinal alignment.

Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief to the upper body.

Firmer foam under the hips, waist, and lower back helps align your spine.


2.Health discount natural latex pillow

Organic Solid Latex Pillow


Organic Solid Latex Pillow

Their organic solid latex pillow is made with pure organic latex and it is covered in a cool, breathable organic cotton cover.

The supportiveness of this organic latex pillow keeps your neck and spine in alignment, with no compromise on comfort.

Overall it provides cushioned comfort for your sleepy head and naturally healthy sleep, night after night.

​3.All-purpose and versatile Flannel Blanket


This blanket is very versatile, polyester facecloth blanket, very soft, meticulously stitched, and fresh in color. The feel of the hand is very smooth.

Why is it all-round, one is very thin and light, can be used as a summer air conditioning blanket. The second is a little colder, leaning on the sofa to watch TV, if you feel where the cold on a casual phi, but also very convenient. Three is the winter time can be used as a bed sheet, directly on the bed sheet, the touch is very warm, winter sleep will not feel cold.

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