Silk Face Mask - Heartcosy®
Silk Face Mask - Heartcosy®
Silk Face Mask - Heartcosy®
Silk Face Mask - Heartcosy®
Silk Face Mask - Heartcosy®

Silk Face Mask

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Heartcosy Silk Face Masks are handmade and crafted from high quality 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. They are adjustable, machine washable and breathable. Perfect silk face mask for sensitive skin.

1. For hot sleepers and summer use

2. Silky smooth and comfortable

3. 100% premium silk filling

4. Covered with breathable TENCEL™ lyocell fiber

Cover: 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell / Fill: 100% Premium Silk.

CARE INSTRUCTIONSShowing your blanket some TLC is the best way to ensure you'll reap its full benefits over the long haul. But accidents happen and when it does we recommend following these instructions:

1. Spot Cleaning
We always recommend spot cleaning as it is the safest method.

2. Hand Wash
Hand washing your blanket is your next best alternative to extend the life of your blanket. Please use cold water and a minimal amount of pH-neutral silk detergent.

3. Machine Wash
Machine washing should only be your last resort. Use silk detergent and set your washing cycle to the gentlest setting (usually labeled as ''delicate'') with cold water no more than 30°C/ 86°F.

4. Air Drying
We strongly advise against wringing your blanket. Instead, we recommend air drying it away from direct sunlight.

LEAKING OF SILK STRANDSWe've selected a silk filling and a TENCEL™ shell to ensure the softness and thermoregulation of this product. These materials are extremely smooth by nature, with an incredibly low rate of friction. This means more love and care for your skin, but also a higher chance of silk strands leaking out of the shell. This is normal and should not interfere with usage.

We suggest you:
Use scissors to gently cut off the silk strands without pulling them out any further.
Gently pat the area to restore the fluffiness and even out the distribution of the filling.

Please contact us if you see an abnormal amount of leakage, we have you covered by a 30-day free return and 1-year warranty that will get you sleeping in Vesta peace in no time!

90% recovery of solvent

90% recovery of water

100% plant-based material

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Fight maskne head-on with the thermo-regulating capability of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk face covering.

They are adjustable, machine washable and breathable. Perfect silk face mask for sensitive skin.


It is made of 19 momme 100% Mulberry Silk (6A grade), which is the best quality you deserve to treat your skin.


they are extremely gentle on your face. They are adjustable, machine washable and breathable.


Plus, they look great! They come in a Silver Grey, Pink, Black, Blue, Green, Champagne.



TENCEL™ fiber move heat and humidity away to help you sleep at just the right temperature. Its feel–exceptionally luxurious and smooth on the skin

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Grade 6A mulberry silk is the highest grade of silk, stronger than the general silk toughness, more durable.

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The outer shell of the sleep mask is 100% viscose from TENCEL™, the filling is made of 100% 6A mulberry silk.

The silk material has natural moisturising properties, making them the perfect material for around your face.

The Heartcosy Silk Silk Blanket is covered by a 1-year limited warranty. If there is any issue regarding the products, please feel free to contact our after-sales support team at for the fastest response.

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