Tunatutu Scam is Over! It's Out of the Market Finally

In 2022, many silk lovers learned about a brand called tunatutu. 2022 was also the year that tunatutu started its scam. It disrupted the silk quilt market and deceived consumers. As a fellow businessman heartcosy, we are issuing a complaint about this matter. Please don't be cheated by tunatutu again. We will expose the scam of tunatutu from 3 aspects.

1.The truth about the product

Many consumers learned about tunatutu from kickstarter. They launched a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter with a comforter called InstanceIce cooling, and 3,418 customers participated. Tunatutu raised a total of $505,652, which is an amazing amount. (The campaign has now been deactivated by kickstarter.)

They claim that their quilt uses a new material called InstantIce™, which cools down the temperature by modifying the thermal conductivity of the fibers with nanoparticles.

But in fact, the material they are talking about is just ordinary chemical fiber. This new material is made up by them to deceive consumers. On the contrary, the chemical fiber material is poorly breathable and prone to static electricity, which is unhealthy for hot sleepers.

There are many consumers who commented that the quilt they got did not have a solution to the problem of night sweats of hot sleepers.

From the industry's perspective, this quilt costs only about a dozen dollars. They got the price of this quilt up to $149 by making up the story.

2.Orders that you will never receive

Have you received your order from tunatutu yet? Please leave a comment. As far as we know, 60% of customers have not received their orders. Kickstarter has shut down tunatutu's crowdfunding campaign due to customer complaints. There is still a steady stream of customers reporting that they purchased their orders in April 2022 and still haven't received them today.

3.Copied designs

The AB-side design mentioned by Tunatutu is not the first of its kind. This is very common in the industry and is not a particular advantage. tunatutu copied vesta-sleep and heartcosy. they copied vesta-sleep in color design and heartcosy in fabric. but tunatutu's fabric is not as perfect as heartcosy.

tunatutu customer review

tunatutu customer review

Tunatutu also attracted a large number of Chinese-American buyers through incredible discounts at dealmoon.com. But some of them received low-quality quilts, and more people still did not receive the goods.

tunatutu review from dealmoon.com

Buyers who have not received the goods cannot request a return because tunatutu's customer service ignores them. We are unable to contact tunatutu's customer service. They have completely stopped handling customer reviews.

Now, their store has also disappeared. The customer's money has disappeared with it.

Tunatutu is a bad apple spoils the bunch for the bedding industry, and the silk quilt manufacturer with heartcosy as an example has been dedicated to promoting silk quilts to the world. We focus on improving the quality of silk quilts in order to make more people fall in love with them. We will not allow tunatutu to continue to damage the industry. If you choose to buy silk quilts from heartcosy, we are willing to offer you the right price and ship within 48 hours. You can receive your order within 10 days. And we offer free shipping worldwide.

Heartcosy is filled with real mulberry silk. You can use a scale to measure the adequacy of the weight of the heartcosy silk filled comforter. In this regard, we are completely confident because we are the most honest merchant in the industry.

Thankfully, tunatutu has disappeared from the industry. Unfortunately, customers' money may not be recovered anymore. We hope that businesses like tunatutu will not appear again. heartcosy promises to treat every customer with certification and treat every product with care. If you still want to buy silk quilts, please consider heartcosy first. we welcome every customer and hope you can give us any advice.


  • Sara

    I was backer #2298 and I never got mine. I lost $258 to the Tunatutu scam.

  • Kim G

    Wow! This story is amazing to me! I was one of the Kickstarters and I received mine right away. I loved it so much I ordered several more over the course of a few months and they ALWAYS arrived VERY quickly. I absolutely ADORE them! The fabric feels cool on the skin and provides a perfect balance of cozy and warm(in a very comfortable way – not too hot and not too cold). My night sweats misery has ended!

  • Talena

    I got mine. Super disappointed to find out what kinda crazy markup I paid…. but it’s still my favorite blanket now.

    yours are way too expensive for me.

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